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Bodyguard of Lies

January 30, 2018

Winston Churchill famously said, "In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies." This was in 1943 when our country was pitted in desperate battle for the fate of the free world. Seventy-five years later our nation is again pitted in desperate battle for the fate of the free world, and even more significantly, in a great civil war for the soul of our Republic. Corruption and rot had thoroughly set into all three branches of our Federal Government when Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, pulling the biggest upset since Truman beat Dewey in 1948. The corruption began with the inauguration of draft-dodger William Jefferson Clinton and continued through the administration of President Barack Obama, with only the eight-year interruption of President George Bush. The corruption, in fact, accelerated when Barack Obama took the oath of office as President, an oath he had no intention of keeping and didn't. He then had in his hands control of the Executive Department of our government, and as President of the U.S., became the most powerful man in the World. He did not waste time in beginning the destruction of the most magnificent form of government yet known on this Earth. He appointed to positions of authority and power persons of no experience and little ability only because their perverted views coincided with his own. He began to dismantle Constitutional Law with a series of Executive Orders, not only unlawful, but in an abundance unknown in American History. His Judicial appointments disregarded altogether competence in The Law, and placed there persons aligned with his Un-American views and programs. The Congress was already thoroughly corrupted with a Democrat Party in control and willing to do the President's bidding regardless of the damage it did to our nation. Every branch of federal government and every agency soon began to show signs of this corruption and rot. Good and loyal men and women became victims of a political correctness witch hunt of massive proportions, and some of the finest officers in every branch of our military services were forced into retirement, leaving our front line of defense in the hands of yes men and sycophants. Scandals began to crop up with increasing regularity and were just as quickly swept under the rug. Our security agencies became not intelligence tools to aid in the protection of our nation, but weapons against political opponents of the President. The Justice Department became so corrupted that criminals escaped prosecution for capital crimes and treason, and the first Attorney General to be cited for Contempt of Congress was replaced by another just as corrupt as her predecessor. DEA, IRS, FBI, NSA, CIA, BLM, all turned rotten during an administration far more corrupt than any in our history, and Richard Nixon's Watergate scandal will pale to insignificance once the full panoply of Obama's crimes are fully exposed to the light of day.

Few of these rotten Democrats, Congressmen, Judges, and government officials expected Hillary Clinton to be defeated and confidently expected to continue the programs of Obama with almost seamless interruption. Awakening, however, the morning after election day last November they discovered they had a new President Elect, and it wasn't Crooked Hillary Clinton. At this point their 'bodyguard of lies' effort swung into full operation; records were destroyed or altered, computers and phones purged or destroyed, disinformation and leaks of massive proportion began, all for the purposes of obscuring the truth with lies and deceptions, and smearing and demeaning President Elect Trump. The bulk of the so-called media, went right along, laying these lies out for public distribution disguised as news and it goes on to this day. The Russian collusion story, all a lie. The firing of the corrupt James Comey becomes obstruction of justice, another lie. The cooked up Steele dossier, a massive lie salted with a few insignificant facts, a blatant lie. Fortunately the truth is creeping out from under the rock where it had been hidden. Although there are thousands of corrupt personnel in government that are still loyal to their corrupt masters, and it will take years to be rid of all of them, there are also some honest ones, disgusted at what has gone on, that are coming forward as whistle blowers, and more will come once a thorough investigation is begun. Our President has promised to rid government of this corruption, which he terms, 'draining the swamp'. The so-called Deep State, which encompasses the corrupt individuals in government and out that are opposed to anything and everything the President attempts, good or bad, in effort to drive him from office by fair means or fowl, need to be exposed for what they are. The guilty prosecuted, and the rest layed exposed to the American public for what they really are, Traitors. It is a massive undertaking and the future of the nation and the free world depend upon it!


John E. Roberts
Editorialist and World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine ® 1998 - 2018




January 13, 2018

Those Republicans that have expressed approval or support for the Mueller Investigation are either brain-dead or corrupt to the core of their being. Mueller well knows there's not a shred of evidence to connect Trump to the Russians but that has nothing whatsoever to do with his mission. Mueller spent ten years as Director of the FBI, first appointed by Geo. W. Bush, who is Deep State to the core and a dedicated foe of Donald Trump, then two additional years in the Obama administration, far and away the most corrupt in American History. To suppose him a man of honesty and integrity boggles the mind. He is solidly Deep State, a Creature of the Swamp, and is out for one thing only, the total destruction of the Presidency of Donald Trump. To begin with he started his Witch Hunt staffed with foes of the President and devoted Hillary supporters; the few that have been subsequently transferred out were guilty of actions so outrageous and corrupt that he had no choice but remove them in order to maintain the fiction of his impartiality. He has taken his strict mandate to investigate only the possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government far and wide and in avenues strictly prohibited in order to hang guilt of a crime, whether real or fabricated, or to tarnish and smear the reputation of, anyone and everyone remotely connected to the President and his campaign. His position is not in actuality Special Counsel, he is Grand Inquisitor for the Deep State, just as Torquemada was for the Spanish Inquisition, and every bit as evil!

John E. Roberts
Editorialist and World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine ® 1998 - 2018





December 2, 2017

The Democrat Party, reeling and on the ropes due to numerous charges of sexual molestation and harassment against their representatives in Congress, and their defenders and promoters in the liberal press, are clutching and holding in desperate attempt to stave off new blows.

Their delay tactics failed in this round however, and Tax Reform Bill 2017 passed in the Senate last night. Flawed and imperfect though it may be, it blows the lid off business expansion and economic activity in the country. If the bill succeeds, as nearly all economists expect it will, their chance of regaining the corrupt hold they had on the country for eight years prior to the inauguration of President Trump, is virtually nil. They utilized every dirty trick in the book with their lies and deceptions, attempting to deceive the American people, as they have so many times in the past, in order to rally public support for defeat of the bill. As in the past, they tried to split the nation by class.

"It benefits only the rich and big corporations, drives the deficit through the roof, and hammers the middle-class further toward poverty." they said.

Of course all Senators of their own corrupt party voted to oppose the bill, including one Republican jackass, blinded by his personal hatred for the President, and willing to take a dive and abandon his obligation to his constituents, his party, and his country in order to satisfy his personal spite.

The bill passed with a 51 to 49 margin and by the time this evening's news is reported there will be plans being made for business expansion, capital repatriation, and massive investment. It is indeed a great Christmas present for the American people, and a well needed victory for the Republican administration of President Donald Trump, and the intelligent and patriotic voters that sent him to the White House.

John E. Roberts
Editorialist and World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine ® 1998 - 2017





December 1, 2017

Donald Trump swept to victory in the 2016 Presidential election on the strength of promises that inspired the American voter to pour to the polls in support. Once elected however, he was ill prepared for the monumental task ahead. Joseph Conrad wisely informs, "Some great men owe most of their greatness to the ability of detecting in those they destine for their tools the exact quality of strength that matters for their work." President Trump, in spite of boastings of his ability to select superb executives in his business empire, has fallen far short of that standard in his new position. Most disastrous has been his selection of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Sessions' asinine recusal from the Russian collusion investigation when he had done absolutely nothing wrong, and without consulting with his President prior to the decision, has rendered him virtually impotent in carrying out the duties of his office. If he felt he had done something to warrant recusal he should have resigned, he didn't. President Trump should have demanded his resignation, but didn't, and now the phony Russian collusion investigation proceeds like a runaway freight train. The Justice Department, including the FBI, is riddled with rogue individuals with no respect for, or loyalty to the President, and they are pursuing a course meant to undermine him at every turn. Their end purpose being to drive him from office and return Washington, DC to the corrupt modus operandi of before. They have created in effect, an insurgency within government. With Sessions' impotency they have consequently taken charge of the Justice Department and the FBI. The appointment of a Special Counsel to conduct the Russian collusion investigation, a completely illegal and unwarranted act, has resulted in a witch hunt. Led by former FBI Director, Robert Mueller, who's sole purpose is to drive Donald Trump from office, thus saving the Establishment in the process. Robert Mueller, and make no mistake about it, is a creature of the swamp, the polluted environment where he was spawned, and which President Trump has promised to drain. His unbridled course has thus far resulted in charges being brought against three individuals, none of which have anything whatsoever to do with Russian collusion. He is pursuing, in lieu of being able to discover real crimes, the despicable and immoral tactics often used by FBI agents to trip a witness up on a technicality and thus gain a conviction. These are the tactics that resulted in jail sentences for both Scooter Libby and Martha Stewart, neither of which was guilty of any crime. The great journalist Hunter S. Thompson once advised, "No one should have anything to say to an FBI agent, especially if he believes you are guilty of a crime." Obviously Michael Flynn has not followed this wise advice, and now he finds himself in the same trap as Scooter Libby and Martha Stewart. Justice is not being served, justice in the special counsel's office has now become no different than Judge Roy Bean's, Law West of the Pecos!

John E. Roberts
Editorialist and World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine ® 1998 - 2017




October 26, 2017

On Tuesday, October 17th, the statues of two Southern Heroes were removed from the lawn of the Fayette County Courthouse in Lexington, Kentucky where they had stood for over one-hundred-thirty years. Though famous and revered heroes of their native state, the tawdry and dishonest politicians of the day, catering to the lowest common denominator of racial politics, orchestrated their removal. In keeping with the true character of these politicians, they had the deed accomplished in the dark of night before any objection could be effectively made. That these cheap and dishonorable acts are allowed to continue all across the South indicates further the deteriorated knowledge of history and pride in heritage of the mass of our present population. The War Between the States was fought long ago over the issue of State Rights and concluded on the field of battle. No cheap and cowardly politician brought about the cessation of hostilities, the conflict was settled in mortal combat between brave and honorable men on both sides. The war over, those brave men remaining alive chose to return to peaceful pursuits and carry on normal lives without rancor or enmity for their former foe. The issue could not be laid to rest however, for upon the unfortunate assassination of Abraham Lincoln, the union fell into the hands of vindictive politicians, desirous only of inflicting more damage upon an already prostate South laid waste by war. Their refusal to deal honorably with the war's conclusion, which would have led to an honorable peace, laid groundwork for many of the animosities that exist to this day.

The brave and noble men that fought on both sides of the conflict have long been honored, both in the histories of the war, speeches, reunions and tributes from honorable men the world over. By act of Congress the widows and children of Confederate veterans were recognized for federal pensions and the grave-sites of dead Confederates buried after battle were incorporated into the National Cemetery system. Tributes to these brave men sprang up all over the land, both North and South. Tributes, in the form of statues and monuments dot the land today. Yet in the South minority groups of protesters pretend to be offended by them over the issue of Slavery. The weak and liberal politicians of the day scurry to do their bidding and have the monuments removed. When the war was over opportunists of all ilks hurried South in search of profit and plunder. They became known as Carpetbaggers and Scalawags and their nefarious acts were allowed to go on unmolested by the Federal Army left in occupation of the South as retribution by a radical Congress. These men are despised to this day, as should be these dishonorable politicians of our day, they are cut from the same cloth.

John E. Roberts
Editorialist and World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine ® 1998 - 2017





June 7, 2017

Late in the evening of November 8th, 2016, it began to dawn on people that had previously considered it an impossibility that Donald Trump would defeat Hillary Clinton in the race for the Presidency. Hillary retired from the scene, reportedly drunk, and was unable to compose herself and appear before the cameras to make a concession speech until the following morning. Immediately upon it becoming evident that she had lost the election, her campaign staff and the compliant media began searching for a scapegoat. First chosen was FBI Director James Comey. His public statement about reopening the investigation into Hillary's highly irregular email activities when thousands of them had been found on the unsecured laptop of the pervert Anthony Weiner, husband of her most trusted staffer, Huma Abedin, became their initial choice. The story about the supposed Russian connection to the Trump campaign wasn't cooked up till a short while later. From that point forward, James Comey became Public Enemy Number One in the eyes of the Democrat party and most of the media. He was pronounced totally unfit for the job, and calls for his resignation or firing became widespread. It stayed that way until May 9th, 2017, when Donald Trump summarily dismissed Comey from his position as FBI Director. At that point in time Comey was immediately transformed from the vile serpent that had blocked the way for Hilary to achieve her destiny and ascend to the Presidency, he became instead a hero to the Democrat party, the man who stood above the degradation of base political influence to nobly and honorable served his country. Donald Trump, well he was already a villain in the eyes of Democrats, liberals, and most of the media, became an even more repulsive one. Tomorrow, June 8th, when James Comey testifies before the Senate Intelligence Committee his transformation has evolved even futhur in the eyes of all Trump haters, he is now the Knight in shining armor that will impale Donald Trump on the lance of Impeachment. It will be a show well worth watching, and unless the Republicans on the committee are up to the task of preventing it, the Democrats on the committee and Comey's testimony will cook the books entirely in Comey's favor. I don't know if the Republicans are up to the task, but I will offer them some suggestions that might help.

The late Senator Joseph McCarthy was one of the most unsavory characters ever to infest the halls of power in Washington, DC. His witch hunt for Communists throughout our government cowed and intimidated the powerful in our nation, and he rode the crest of a powerful wave of Red Mania until he was finally exposed and destroyed by a few brave and honorable men that at last had stood up to his fraudulent and despicable charges. Similar action should be taken by the Republicans on the committee to expose Comey for the incompetent, cowardly, and corrupt fraud he actually is. He should be grilled mercilessly to lay before the world his failures at the FBI; failures to enforce the law as he was sworn to do; and failure to direct investigation into real crimes and rather, go in pursuit of unsubstantiated rumor and innuendo about possible crimes. I would start with demands that he explain why Hillary Clinton was not charged with her crimes when her actions met every specification of criminal. He should be asked to explain the difference between 'extreme carelessness' and 'gross negligence', with which he explained away bringing charges against Clinton, when he usurped the responsibility of the Attorney General and dismissed the charges outright. He should be asked why, after all his years in office the FBI is unable to find answers to the Fast and Furious scandal at ATF, the lies and subterfuge surrounding the handling of the Benghazi debacle, the criminal activity of Lois Lerner at the IRS, the secret meeting of Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch on the tarmac of the airport in Phoenix, the voting irregularities widely reported in States all across the land, and the influence peddling and protection activities of the Clinton Foundation. Just these few serious questions will fully occupy the time allotted and bring into doubt his integrity and competence. When he answers the questions, as I expect  he will, by saying he can not comment on ongoing investigations he will be thoroughly exposed. We will find out tomorrow!

John E. Roberts
Editorialist and World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine ® 1998 - 2017


U.S. Government Witch Hunt


May 18, 2017

In describing the importance of security in wartime, Winston Churchill declared the following:

"In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies."

In the present day and time it seems, so far as the Democrat Party and most of the media are concerned anyway, Truth is so dangerous she must be attacked by an army of lies. That has been their strategy since John Podesta, Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman, foolishly opened himself up to a simple phishing attack, and it remains their strategy to this day. It didn't take long before the Obama administrations complicit security agencies were laying that attack at the door of Vladimir Putin and the Russians. To back up this unproven claim, Obama expelled Russian diplomats, issued new sanctions against Russia, and seized large tracts of her property in the U.S.

Revealed by Wiki-leaks, Podesta's email correspondence exposed the corruption of the Clinton campaign, not the least of which was to steal votes from her only opponent, the witless Bernie Sanders, and guarantee her nomination as Democrat Presidential Candidate. They thought her subsequent election to the Presidency remained a sure thing, and polling services all fell in line to report the same. How surprised they all were when their certainty of the result turned out to be dramatically wrong, and Donald Trump became the elected President of the U.S. In abject despair they lashed out, first at James Comey, Director of the FBI, for revealing details of her criminal activities in the handling her emails, though he had let her off the hook as far as prosecution was concerned. Then, almost immediately, they struck again with their claim that the Trump campaign had conspired with the Russians to deny the victory to Hillary Clinton. They knew, through illegal spying on the Trump campaign, that three men involved in his campaign to various degrees had been in conversation with persons employed by the Russian government. Two of these men had done business in Russia and certainly had reasons to talk to Russian officials, the other, Michael Flynn, designated to be Trump's National Security Director, knew, and had dealt frequently with Russian diplomats during his tenure with the Obama administration. That these contacts were anything other than conversations, and not criminal in any way, hasn't prevented the Democrats from ascribing illegal, insidious, and even treasonous intent to them. Not a shred of evidence has been produced in the meantime to back up these allegations but the clamor in the media and in the Congress remains unrelenting to press charges and appoint a Special Prosecutor. Prominent Republicans, whom you'd think had more intelligence than to fall for these fraudulent claims, have joined the Democrats in demands for this Special Prosecutor. Not the least of these are Tweedledee and Tweedledumb of the Senate, Lindsey Graham and John McCain, and now Bob Corker of Tennessee has joined them as well. Yesterday, spineless individuals in the Justice Department gave in to this pressure, and in spite of the fact that no single fact has been uncovered to justify a prosecution, appointed a Special Counsel with powers to investigate exactly the same as had he been designated a Special Prosecutor.


It has been obvious all along to any intelligent, and thinking American that this has been nothing but a Witch Hunt, but now History repeats itself and the government of the U.S. will go down in History along with the Witch Trials of Salem, Massachusetts, and the Spanish Inquisition!. Now the names of these demanding this Witch Hunt will be recorded in History along with those of Cotton Mather and Torquemada. God help us!


John E. Roberts
Editorialist and World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine ® 1998 - 2017



Post Derby Report

May 7, 2017

It was a cold, overcast, and rainy at dawn in Louisville on Saturday, Kentucky Derby Day. By post time late that afternoon the sun was out but it remained a cold, windy day and the track remained sloppy. The race went off as expected but it was anything but a cleanly run contest. Traffic problems encountered by most of the colts in the race varied from moderate to severe. Only four horses had a clean trip of the twenty entrants, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th horse. Problems encountered by the remaining fifteen, one had pulled up right out of the gate, were as follows; bobbled, hammered, bumped, carried out, tight quarters, brushed, jammed, steadied, carried wide, floated out, jostled hard, forced out, bore in, in tight, swung wide, checked sharply, bounced, forced in, checked, and stopped abruptly. Fortunately none of the colts suffered any serious injury, and though many had excuses, they came back to the barn in good shape. The winner, Always Dreaming, was a handy winner under the circumstances. Whether some of the others, with a clean run, could have run with, or perhaps beaten him, will be determined down the road. It was a great day though, and for some lucky bettors that had the right combinations on their pari-mutual tickets. The Winner, that happened to be the post time favorite, paid $11.40 to win. A $2 Exacta paid $336.20, a $2 Trifecta paid $16,594.40, and a $1 Superfecta paid $75,974.50. I only know of one man that had a winning ticket of any great amount. Of my five picks, Irish War Cry ran well to the head of the stretch, then backed up to 10th with no excuse; Classic Empire suffered sever bad racing luck but still managed to finish 4th; Irap, though suffering some interference, did little running at all and finished 18th; Gunnevera also had bad racing luck and seemed not to handle the sloppy track, he was 7th; McCracken also had a little trouble but could only manage an 8th. Still in all it was a great race and it's on to the next Triple Crown contest, the Preakness in Baltimore on Saturday, May 20th.

John E. Roberts
Editorialist and World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine ® 1998 - 2017


The Run For The Roses

May 3, 2017

It's spring in Kentucky, the fields are lush and green, trees are in leaf and budding, the early flowers are out and the scent of honeysuckle fills the air, the bees are buzzing and the birds are singing in sheer joy. It's a wonderful time to be alive and a wonderful time to be in Kentucky. As always in Springtime, a young man's, well, a young Kentucky man's fancy turns to thoughts of the Kentucky Derby, which colt might win it and will he be able to cash a ticket on the Winner at a nice price? In Kentucky the Derby is more than just a spectacular sporting event, it is more of a National Holiday. The grounds at Churchill Downs fill that day with over 300,000 people, but all across the State, and in fact all around the World where Kentuckians may be found, the Derby is celebrated. There are parties everywhere, many quite formal with the men and their ladies dressed in their finest including the fancy broad-brimmed hats for the ladies. Country ham and biscuits are universally served along with plenty of fragrant Mint Juleps. There are Derby pools gotten up everywhere and folks who never bet on anything will pick a favorite for the race and put $2 down to win. I listened to the first Derby I recall in 1952 when Hill Gail was the Winner and I was only ten-years-old. I've never missed another, being there in person on many occasions but certainly watching on TV when I can't. It's also the race everyone involved in racing in this country, Owners, Trainers, Jockeys and everyone working for stables all across the land, wants to win more than any other. The whole week in Louisville is a pageant and festival unmatched anyplace else in the World. What Irwin S. Cobb said many years ago about the race holds as true today as it ever did?

"Until you go to Kentucky and with your own eyes behold the Derby, you ain't never been nowhere and you ain't seen nothin'!"

They drew this mooring for post position for the race on Saturday. The field is down to the twenty entrants allowed and two also-eligibles that can get in if there are any scratches prior to 9 AM on Friday. There is no overwhelming favorite as was the case the past three years when favorites won. The Morning Line favorite for this year's race will get you 4 to 1, a $10 payoff on a $2 bet. This year's field will contain horses that have dominated in the various regions where they have been racing but have seldom met in previous competition so it's hard to predict how they stack up in face to face competition for the first time. It is always one of the most difficult races in the World to win. The large field makes it difficult for a colt that doesn't break alertly and get a good position going into the first turn. Being behind horses coming out of that turn leaves you a large field to work your way through and a lot of lengths to overcome. With that many horses in the race there's considerable bumping and horses being carried wide, not to mention having a horse running out of steam right in front of you. When a 1,200 lb. animal has to cheek and loses momentum it takes time and effort to regain it and the ground he's lost. Then there's the prospect of rain and perhaps a muddy track, which throws another element of uncertainty into the game. Many of these colts have never experienced a muddy track and when one is behind a wall of horses with buckets of mud being thrown back at him the natural reaction is to raise his head and back away from the slop in his face. This can take a horse completely out of the race.


Listed below are the field, followed my picks.


KENTUCKY DERBY - May 6, 2017 6:46 PM EDT






1 Lookin At Lee Corey Lanerie Steve Asmussen 20 - 1
2 Thunder Snow Christoph Soumillion Saeed bin Suroor 20 - 1
3 Fast and Accurate Channing Hill Mike Maker 50 - 1
4 Untrapped Ricardo Santana Jr. Steve Asmussen 30 - 1
5 Always Dreaming John Velazquez Todd Pletcher 5 - 1
6 State of Honor Jose Lezcano Mark Casse 30 - 1
7 Girvin Mike Smith Joe Sharp 15 - 1
8 Hence Florent Geroux Steve Asmussen 15 - 1
9 Irap Mario Gutierrez Doug O'Neill 20 - 1
10 Gunnevera Javier Castellano Antonio Sano 15 - 1
11 Battle of Midway Flavien Prat Jerry Hollendorfer 30 - 1
12 Sonneteer Kent Desormeaux Keith Desomeaux 50 - 1
13 J Boys Echo Luis Saez Dale Romans 20 - 1
14 Classic Empire Julian Leparoux Mark Casse 4 - 1
15 McCraken Brian Hernandez Jr. Ian Wilkes 5 - 1
16 Tapwrit Jose Ortiz Todd Pletcher 20 - 1
17 Irish War Cry Rajiv Maragh Graham Motion 6 - 1
18 Gormley Victor Espinoza John Shirreffs 15 - 1
19 Practical Joke Joel Rosario Chad Brown 20 - 1
20 Patch Tyler Gaffalione Todd Pletcher 20 - 1
AE Royal Mo Gary Stevens John Shirreffs 20 - 1
AE Master Plan John Velazquez Todd Pletcher 50 - 1


My Selections

  1. Irish War Cry

  2. Classic Empire

  3. Irap

  4. Gunnevera

  5. McCracken



John E. Roberts
Editorialist and World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine ® 1998 - 2017


Don't Blame Obama

April 30, 2017

BARACK OBAMA has agreed to deliver a speech in September to a fat-cat group of Wall Street investment bankers for the sum of $400,000. This is indeed an outrage, former Presidents are not supposed to be for sale, but of course all that changed with William Jefferson Clinton, who was for sale well before he moved out of the White House. Obama is being heavily criticized for this, not only by Republicans, but by members of his own party as well. Don't blame Obama for taking the money though, he's been on the make all his life, why would anyone expect him to do otherwise now? Blame the con men and swindlers on Wall Street that have grown fat and wealthy from the profits they have fleeced from unsuspecting American investors. Don't think for a moment either, that this is anything new, Wall Street has been corrupt since it's earliest beginnings; stock manipulations, insider trading, and shady dealing have been it's modus operandi all along. These Wall Street con men are just saluting and paying tribute to one of their own, a fellow con man and a great one at that. The man who, for eight long years as President conned and fleeced the American people in a corrupt and ruthless manner that would make a Wall Street banker beam with pride. That these scoundrels think they can get away with flaunting their power and position in the face of all America, and especially after the overwhelming defeat of Obama's chosen candidate in the recent Presidential election, should be even more galling to all honest Americans. The blame for this outrage should not lie with Obama, but at the door of the arrogant and conceited men responsible for conceiving this disgraceful spectacle and for the massive payoff it represents. Everyone involved in conceiving, planning and arranging the event, as well as every fat-cat from Wall Street that will be in attendance is culpable.

Where are the so-called Investigative Reporters in New York? Why are they not scurrying down to Wall Street to find out for the American people who these scoundrels are, and to publish for all the World the scope of their Wall Street swindles and accumulated wealth. It would be an interesting story of larceny on a grand scale.

Then, when Obama does deliver this speech, Reporters should demand to be in attendance so we, the American people, will know the message he's delivered. Perhaps, however, is it to be in secret, as was Hillary's speeches to a similar audience prior to her election defeat. A secrets as highly kept as Obama's birth records and college transcripts.

Yes folks, the so-called Establishment, or as some know it, the Deep State, remains well entrenched and active. Obviously they arrogantly feel that their great ship of established wealth and power will sail on relative unimpeded by the squalls presented by the election of Donald Trump, and they are actively plotting for his overthrow and a full return to business as usual. If you, the working men and women of America, allow this to happen you will remain in a permanent state of bondage. Not shackles and chains of course, but economic bondage like you've suffered through for the past eight years. The working poor will remain poor, with the middle class only slightly better off, and the wealthy, other than the establishment wealthy, will see their honestly earned savings of a lifetime taxed away, or stolen with the Inheritance Tax. The welfare class will continue as wards of the state, conned into believing that big government is taking care of them when in actuality they are being denied to opportunity to become productive members of society. If you let these scoundrels get away with it, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, will become the punch line of nightly jokes from such assorted jerks as Stephen Colbert and the crew of Saturday Night Live.

Donald Trump promised to drain the swamp during his campaign. He has not broken his promise, though Democrats, liberals, evil manipulators such as George Soros, as well as members of his own party are making every effort to stymie and prevent his achieving this goal. These scoundrels from Wall Street are creatures of the swamp. They need to be curtailled. The swamp must be drained, the future prosperity and greatness of the nation depends on it!

John E. Roberts
Editorialist and World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine ® 1998 - 2017


"Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?"

February 7, 2017

It is hard to believe that our once free press is now a source of more false, inaccurate, and distorted information than in Cold War days of Pravda and Izvestia, or the time when Joseph Goebbels controlled the NAZI press, but that is exactly the case. I believe hardly a word of what is reported in the media, and the scum that produces if are certainly not reporters, but propagandists pure and simple. Trouble is, it's not even good fiction. Good fiction is believable, the characters and situations therein may be contrived, but the story is true to life and actions a true representation of human nature. I'd call it Science Fiction, but good writing in that genre is quite enjoyable, most of this stuff is just outright ridiculous. I'd cite examples, but they are so numerous that certainly they're recognized as such by men and women of intelligence and integrity.

Our country was founded on great principles of justice and morality, but there are many that would see them eradicated and destroyed. I'd have to put George Soros near the head of this list, though he has plenty of company. This poison has even crept into advertising, and since I'm sure most of you watched the Super Bowl you are well aware of it. The Budweiser ad was particularly despicable. Many of my ancestors came over here before the Revolution and faced a hostile environment and often unfriendly Indians upon arrival. The German Immigrant Busch came over, fleeing either political oppression or seeking economic opportunity in a time when the country was entirely civilized and settled well West of the Mississippi River. To suggest that he faced such hardship and was so ill treated is a bald faced lie. Germans were here in Revolutionary times I know, Hessian mercenaries, and there were more mercenaries came during the Civil War. I dated a girl that had her great-grandfather's rifle that he carried in the Union Army, and he'd been one of them. This is in no way meant to disparage the majority of German Immigrants that came to our country over these many years. They have been hard-working, honest and patriotic Citizens all along. The great German colony established in Texas gave us one of our great heroes of WWII, Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz. I have no idea what Anheuser-Busch's motivation was for running this ad, but it's turning out a major mistake. Perhaps they were catering to the Leftists in this country, hoping to wean them away from sipping Chardonnay and converting them to beer drinkers. Maybe they wanted to introduce beer drinking into the Moslem communities here, in spite of the fact that it's against their religion. A great many that watched the Super Bowl, the game, not the halftime show, fall in the category Hillary Clinton characterized as 'Deplorables', and a great many of them drink beer, quite a lot of it. Many of them won't be drinking Budweiser products in the future, that's for sure!

John E. Roberts
Editorialist and World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine ® 1998 - 2017


He Should Have Known Better

February 1, 2017

It was obvious even before the Sun came up on the day following the Presidential election that there would never be bipartisan support for anything Donald Trump attempted to do. Before the Sun went down that day the media was full of attacks against him, his character, his stated aims as President, his associates, his business interests, anything and everything they could think up or devise was thrown into this avalanche of hate, and all directed at him. He made every attempt to accept his victory with good grace, complimenting his defeated foe, the outgoing President, and the Democrats in Congress. He also spoke of healing he divided nation, bringing our country back together, and working in bipartisan manner with Democrats on the other side of the aisle, but all was to no avail. He knew he would have a tough fight getting his Cabinet and senior administrators approved, and he girded himself for the upcoming fight. What he failed to do, however, was rid the government of every Obama and Clinton loyalist holding office as soon as possible after his hand came off the Bible after taking the Oath of Office. This was his first monumental mistake and now he well knows it! When the Democrats in the Senate balked at his appointee for Attorney General, and not for any reason of substance but for partisan political reasons only, this left the office in the hands of Sally Yates, the deputy to the outgoing Attorney General, the discredited Loretta Lynch. When the President issued his Executive Order restricting travel from countries with high incidence of terrorist infiltration, Yates openly defied him and instructed her subordinates to oppose the order. She claimed her defiance was on Constitutional and moral grounds, but this was pure posturing. She well knew she was out of a job as soon as the Honorable Jeff Sessions of Alabama is sworn into office as Attorney General, and besides, if this were truly her feelings on the matter, she should have so instructed the President and submitted her resignation. Yates chose not to take the high ground of this proper course of action, but to openly defy the President in a manner that was purely political in order to impress her cohorts from the Democrat party and the previous administration. Now the media and the Democrats are comparing her to Joan of Arc, and her firing to the Saturday Night Massacre, which was what Nixon's firing of an independent special persecutor became known as in the biased media and the Democrat party. Now my understanding of a massacre requires that a number of essentially helpless individuals get murdered by overwhelming superior force, such as the infamous St. Valentine's Day Massacre, so let's put it in the perspective of what it actually was, which is simply an employer firing a disloyal employee. It is now time for Donald Trump to take off his kid gloves and get the job done right. Since the Democrats, Clinton loyalists, and much of the media, are fond of comparing him to Adolph Hitler, give them an appropriate name for his next Executive Order. He should immediately fire every single Obama and Clinton Loyalist employed by the Federal Government, and if the Democrats and the media can't think of an appropriate name for it I'll give them one, The Night of the Long Knives!

John E. Roberts
Editorialist and World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine ® 1998 - 2017



Famous, and not so famous, Marches

January 27, 2017

Many of the women of the world were on the march last week. They marched in many of the great cities of our land and the wide world over. Exactly what they were marching for is beyond my ken. They apparently have grievances, grievances against many things; they are being discriminated against, they are not given the respect to which they are due, Donald Trump is a misogynist and other many syllable words too numerous to mention, etc, etc, etc. I had a discussion with one of my daughters and was assured she hasn't felt the need to march, nor any reason to. I know for a fact that the other women in my rather large family are not marching, nor feel they have reason to with one exception perhaps, who's not quite right. The bulk of them in this country, so it seems, are marching in opposition to newly elected President Trump, inspired by celebrities such as Meryl Streep and Madonna, who view the world from the gilded stage and feel this gives them particular insight not found among their adoring fans from the great wasteland. Along with the likes of the gross and obnoxious Michael Moore, they proceeded to address this maddening crowd with their not particularly coherent or inspiring harangues. Having seen pictures of many of the signs the marchers were carrying, and of their costumes, and having heard recordings of the speeches made to them, it seems to me that many were marching for vulgarity, obscenity, and depravity. Quite a few of them were dragging young children along, obviously not the least bit concerned about exposing them to all this vulgar and disgusting activity. I wondered how many of them had a real job or a real life. Seems if they had they'd certainly be somewhere else besides wasting their time on this meaningless march. Oh well, perhaps it made them all feel good about themselves, and in this age of political correctness, participation trophies, everyone passes, and love and good will for our Fellow Man regardless of race, creed or color, other, of course, than Donald Trump, Conservatives, and Republicans, it was a great and wonderful thing for them to be doing. Well, after being subjected to more and more of this nonsense, along with listening to the talking heads from all the major networks explaining everything for me, I was inspired to go on the march myself. I marched straight down to my local watering hole for a few glasses of my favorite cure for what ails you. I am sure many other reasonable and intelligent men and women did likewise.

I could tell you of a man I once knew that was on one of the great marches known to history. He had been a young civilian from a wealthy family, and in the Philippines playing Polo when the attack on Pearl Harbor occurred. Almost simultaneously the Philippines had been attacked and our country was at war. He was a civilian, a non-combatant, he could have chosen to stay out of the fight, been interred, and subsequently evacuated back to the US. This thought never entered his head, he raised his right hand, joined the US Army, and became an infantryman in the raging battle on Luzon. Pushed back into the jungles of Bataan, out of equipment, ammunition, and food, this army was surrendered to the conquering Japanese. He made the infamous Bataan Death March and remained a prisoner of war for four desperate years. Released, at last, when the Philippines was liberated, he returned to civilian life. He again became a worthwhile and productive citizen and remained so for the duration of his long and interesting life. Though I knew him reasonable well he never spoke to me about his wartime service. I only learned of it when I read his obituary several days after his death. If ever there was a man to whom you could genuinely say, "Thank you for your service!" he was certainly one of them.

That, however, was another march in another place, another time. Ours was a great and wonderful country then. Our men and women had pride in their country, respect for their duly elected representatives, and when their country called they were ready, willing, and able to serve. I wonder if any of these sentiments still exist in the minds of these recent marchers? I doubt it!


John E. Roberts
Editorialist and World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine ® 1998 - 2017




January 13, 2017

There has been talk for a number of years now about Obama's Legacy. He seems to be much dedicated to that effort himself if you're aware of the long winded speech he made in Chicago a couple of days ago. Well he did fool the American People into voting for him twice, and he still continues to fool many of them with his vast repertoire of lies, but the fact of the matter is his time in office has been a complete failure. Our foreign policy is a shambles; our military is broken down and inept; his energy policy is nonexistent other than having dedicated himself to the destruction of the coal and oil industries; trust in government is at it's lowest point in history; our economy is a ruin, with double the national debt of that accumulated throughout the country's entire history previous; unemployment is at it's worst since the Depression; race relations are at the lowest since the Civil Rights Era of the 1960's; respect for law and order is at an all time low, especially in the inner cities where it is most needed; government agencies have been thoroughly corrupted on a massive scale including the IRS, the Justice Department, the EPA, and the intelligence agencies have been turned to delivering messages damaging to the administration's opponents rather than providing the intelligence they are tasked with; and national prestige throughout the world is at it's lowest since the final bitter days of the Vietnam War. If all that's amounts to his legacy, and were he Japanese rather than whatever he may be, Harikari would be his only option. Well, in order not to be completely negative I will say that his Legacy is not quite as bad as other notorious leaders of the past, and Chiang Kai-shek, Pol Pot, and Adolph Hitler come immediately to mind. As far as I, and every decent American as well, is concerned, January 20th can't roll around soon enough!


God save America!

John E. Roberts
Editorialist and World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine ® 1998 - 2017



January 8, 2017

Dean Acheson explains brilliantly in his marvelous work on his years at the State Department, on the advantage an unscrupulous party has against an honest foe in the battle for truth; "...the advantage is heavily on the side of the big lie, for, as Thomas Jefferson pointed out, no weapon is so effective and so cheap to those in whose system of politics morality plays no part." The big lie has been the Modus Operandi for Barack Obama and his administration, for the Democrat Party, and for Bill and Hillary Clinton, for a great many years now. The most recent example being that the Russians, under direct orders from Vladimir Putin, hacked into the Clinton campaign and other government agencies for the direct purpose of interfering in the Presidential election, and consequently stole the rightful victory from Hillary Clinton and delivered it to their ally, Donald Trump. There is not a shred of evidence to substantiate this charge but it hasn't prevented every prominent Democrat in the country from crowing this fraudulent information from the rooftops. Nor has it prevented Obama from trotting out the heads of the nation's security agencies to testify before the Armed Services Committee and futhur expound on this falsehood. Most prominent of these spokesmen has been James Clapper, Head of the National Security Agency, who has declared emphatically that is is not only true but proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. Now why should we believe Clapper, who has already been caught lying to Congress, any more than we should believe many other proven liars such as Obama himself, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Harry Reid, and other Democrats too numerous to mention? Clapper, in case this has escaped your attention, is out of a job in less than two weeks and his chances of finding employment in a Republican Administration are nil. He's obviously seeking to feather his nest with his Democrat conspirators so he can find another cushy position outside government service. This whole effort should be scrutinized and debunked by the so-called media of this country except for the fact that the bulk of this once proud and honest profession has been in conspiracy with Obama, Hillary, and the Democrats for a great many years. To make it even worse, some prominent Republicans have fallen for this lie and are joining the chorus in calling for a full investigation and retaliation against the Russian government. Worst of the lot are Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb of the Senate, Lindsey Graham and John McCain. When Donald Trump gets down to his proclaimed business of 'Draining the Swamp' once he's taken office on January 20th, he should make every effort to see that these two useless old reptiles are swept out to sea along with all the rotting vegetation and stagnant water.

At the bottom of this lie is the intent to discredit the election of Donald Trump, to weaken his ability to govern effectively, and to destroy his credibility with the American People. Well I'm not falling for it, nor are the vast majority of solid and intelligent voters that made possible Donald Trump's once seemingly impossible victory and have given him the mandate to Make America Great Again!


God bless America!

John E. Roberts
Editorialist and World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine ® 1998 - 2017



January 2, 2017

Barrack Hussein Obama is the most prolific liar ever to occupy the Office of President. His lies are so numerous, outrageous, and well known that I won’t bother listing them here or this report would run to numerous pages. Most of our Presidents have been men of integrity, and lying to the American people is something they would never have done other than in a critical circumstance, such as when President Eisenhower announced that the U-2 aircraft that had been shot down over Russia was a weather reconnaissance flight that had veered off course rather than the overflight that he knew it was.  A few have taken considerable liberty with the truth, and LBJ comes immediately to mind, but Obama tops all of them in a walkover. He was swept into office on his promise to bring the country ‘Hope and Change’, and to have the “…most transparent administration in history.”, and there wasn’t a word of truth to either. Now as he prepares to leave office, bitter, angry, and vindictive, he lays another monumental lie before us and expects up to swallow it whole, that being that the Russians hacked our election and deprived Hillary Clinton her rightful victory. Well I didn’t come to town on a load of turnips, though it appears that Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum of the Senate, John McCain and Lindsay Graham did. The emails of Hillary’s campaign director John Podesta that were hacked only revealed the truth to the American people, that the Obama administration, the Democrat national committee, and Hillary Clinton’s campaign were rotten to the core, and bent on deceiving the country in order to put Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office. In the first place, Podsta fell victim to an elementary phishing scheme, one that any tech-savvy eight-grader would have immediately deleted. On top of that, the Democrats and Obama have not questioned the veracity of the emails, and the Holy Bible tells  us that “the truth shall make you free.” Well I don’t believe for a minute that the Russians had anything to do with this hacking, and regardless that Obama has trotted out the CIA, the FBI, and every high-tech security organization in his administration to swear to the authenticity of the claim, I’m not buying it. He’s managed to corrupt the office of the Attorney General since he’s been there, the IRS, the FBI, the EPA, and numerous other government agencies too numerous to mention, but now I’m supposed to buy this story? Ha, ha, ha, pound sand Obama, and the sooner we’re rid of you forever, the better, and we can get down to the important business of making America great again!


John E. Roberts
Editorialist and World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine ® 1998 - 2017


Ding-Dong The Witch Is Dead!

November 9, 2016

For almost eight-years there has been no Law in the Land. Barack Hussein Obama treated The Constitution and all our Laws with absolute contempt. He chose to rule the country like an African Dictator, ignoring the Law and the Congress completely with his Edicts and Executive Orders. His appointees throughout government were either as corrupt as he, or totally complicit. The Department of State, the Justice Department, the IRS, the FBI, and numerous other government agencies were rendered totally corrupt, willing to do anything and everything they could get away with to further the political aims of Obama and his henchmen. That day is coming to an end!

Bill and Hillary Clinton were totally corrupt from the day they came out of Arkansas, but Democrats, who frown on the least suspicion of corruption by a Republican, welcomed them with open arms. Sixteen years after Bill left the White House, stealing much of the furniture and artwork when he departed; his wife aspired to return them to the same residence. Though she falsely claimed that they had left the White House totally broke, her husband had enriched himself lavishly by selling pardons wholesale just before he departed. In the meantime, in pursuit of her lust for power, Hilary ran successfully for the U.S. Senate in New York. With little to show for her time there, other than lavish press releases generated from her office and published as fact by the corrupt and complicit media, she ran unsuccessfully for President in 2008, but landed on her feet when she took the position of Secretary of State in the incoming Obama administration. It was here that her corruption reached greater heights then ever imagined, and cash flowed into her and her husband’s pockets like water pouring over a dam.

There have been crooked Attorneys at the right hand of Presidents before, with Clark Clifford and Abe Fortas coming immediately to mind. Bill and Hillary no doubt had many, though none as famous as the aforementioned two. Whoever dreamed up the idea for the Clinton Foundation is a Mastermind. I know it wasn’t Hillary, she never was much of a Lawyer in the first place, and she’s not actually that smart. It certainly wasn’t Bill, because his vision is limited to the end of his penis and no further. It was a marvelous scheme for enrichment however, worthy of the best Consigliore that ever fixed a jury for the Mafia. Had Hillary carried it out with more good judgment and candor it would have remained a secret and she would have been elected President yesterday instead of Donald Trump. Fortunately, her totally incautious handling of her email traffic was found out by a dedicated and honest Congressman investigating the debacle of Benghazi, and the cat was out of the bag.

Her handling of Secret and Classified emails was a crime. It was conducted on an unsecure server set up in the basement of her home outside of govern purview. It put at risk not only the lives of many brave men and women serving on foreign soil, but the inner workings of our government and our diplomacy and military planning as well. When investigated for her crimes by the FBI she was questioned less thoroughly than she would have been if Barney Fife had been conduction the interrogation. It was in fact, a joke. When FBI Director James Comey read off the list of her transgressions it was assumed she would be charged. He concluded, however, by saying she had meant to do nothing wrong and was therefore innocent of any crime. I have known since I was a child that ‘Ignorance of the Law is no excuse.’ Any military officer or high government official that had done anything even remotely similar would have certainly been charged and likely found guilty, fined, and jailed as well. From that point forward every honest and decent American knew that the FBI, the last bastion of Law and Order in our Country, had been corrupted as well.

With the possibility of another criminal infesting the Oval Office for the next four, and likely eight-years, it would have left Americans with no alternative but open rebellion against a corrupt government, Fortunately, every honest and decent American with good sense went to the polls, not necessarily to vote for Donald Trump, but for a return of Honesty, Law and Order, and Decency to our Nation’s Capitol.

We are now rid of Hillary Clinton, her depraved husband Bill, and very soon rid of Obama and the thoroughly corrupt men and women he’s brought into our government. The Nation and the World can give thanks to Almighty God that our Nation can soon resume her honorable and respected position as Leader of the Free World! 

John E. Roberts
Editorialist and World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine ® 1998


The Truth Will Set You Free 

October 24, 2016

Investigate Journalism was once a cornerstone of our American Press. Lies and corruption by government and corporate interest were lain bare, and the truth enabled the American People to control their own destiny, not only by turning the scoundrels out at the polls, but also in demanding legislative and legal actions necessary to correct and curtail these outrages in the future. Sadly this once proud tradition barely exists today. The very best of investigative journalism occurring is not by members of the media, but by Hackers. The Wikileaks and Snowden exposures have done more for our country than the media has done in twenty-five years. I applaud these unknown men and their efforts. Wikileaks and Edward Snowden are far more deserving of the Nobel Prize than the likes of Barack Obama and Bob Dylan.

Just as a light in the forest guides lost travelers to safety, San Diego Beachlife Magazine strives to provide similar illumination for our readers, deprived as they are of truth by the gross manipulations and deceptions of the Liberal Press. We shall not waver in our determination to continue this proud tradition, and we welcome any reliable information that may be provided us from any source whatsoever. The Book of John tells us, "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” So long as life remains in or bodies, we at San Diego Beachlife Magazine shall endeavor to provide the absolute truth to our readers, just as laid out in the Book of John.


John E. Roberts
Editorialist and World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine ® 1998





October 21, 2016

Remember Benghazi, the terrorist attack that killed our Ambassador, a member of his staff, and two security contractors? Obama and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, cooked up a story about the cause for the attack being an offensive anti-Muslim video on YouTube. They stuck with this lie for well over a week when they'd known shortly after the attack that it had been a well planned terrorist attack. They went so far as to have UN Ambassador Susan Rice go on all the Sunday morning talk shows to spout this same false narrative, and when the bodies of our dead came back to Andrews AFB, Hillary met the bereaved families and repeated the anti-Muslim video lie, and assured them the man responsible would be punished. She and Obama went so far as to actually find a pliable and crooked Judge in California that had the man jailed on a minor technical parole violation. So much for Justice under the Obama administration.

Of course there was much to lose if it became evident that Obama's claim that ISIS, known by him as ISIL, was failing, and their recent attacks were by the JV Team, was just another of his multitude of lies. His second term in office was at stake, and he wasn't doing a very good job in the first place, his first term having accomplished virtually nothing. He knew if he was going to be reelected he'd have to con the American Voter into believing he'd actually done something, and his phony story that he had ISIS on the run was a cornerstones of this strategy. In spite of the anti-Muslim video lie being exposed, he somehow escaped blame and was returned to the White House for a second term.

Now, in the heat of a race to determine Obama's successor, massive drops of hacked emails are being laid before the public by Wikileaks. They are exposing the corruption of the Obama administration, the Clinton campaign committee, the Democrat Party chairman, the Liberal Media, and numerous others in a massive effort to prevent Hillary's opponent from being elected President. There are hackers the world over, in China, India, Russia, Nigeria, and most other countries whose citizens have the technical expertise to engage in this sort of activity, including of course the USA. No one knows at all who the hackers are, or for certain from where the hacker, or hackers are operating. It suits the purpose of Obama and Hillary however to concoct another story and attribute the hacks as entirely Russian in origin and at the direction of Vladimir Putin. To top this whopper, they also declare that Putin is in collusion with Donald Trump to steal the election. Having already corrupted most government agencies, including the State Department, the Justice Department, the IRS, the FBI, the CIA, and Homeland Security, they have now incorporated all government security agencies in falsely claiming that it is now proven beyond doubt that all these leaked emails come directly from Russia. Well I didn't come to town on a load of turnips, and for many years now I have believed little or none of what I'm told by our government. I damn sure don't believe them now! If you, dear reader, fall for this latest lie, you will be complicit in seeing the most corrupt administration in American History relieved by one that is even more corrupt. You, though unwittingly, will be able to tell your grandchildren someday, that you played your part in the further degradation and destruction of what was once the Greatest Beacon of Liberty on the face of the Earth!

John E. Roberts
Editorialist and World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine ® 1998


The Laws of God and Man

October 11, 2016

William H. Townsend was an author, lawyer, Lincoln scholar, magnificent speaker, and lifelong president of the Kentucky Civil War Round Table.  His most famous address was about the great Abolitionist Cassius Marcellus Clay before a meeting of the Civil War Round Table in Chicago during the fall of 1952. As I recall from the recording of the address; Clay once made a speech in hostile Kentucky territory, he stood at the rostrum and addressed the crowd. First he held up a copy of The Constitution, declaring, "For those of you who believe in the Laws of Man I give you this argument!" and laid it on the rostrum. He then held up a copy of The Holy Bible, declaring, "And for those of you that believe in the Laws of God I give you this argument!" and then laid The Bible alongside The Constitution. Lastly he reached into his vest and pulled a great pearl-handled Bowie Knife and a Colt Derringer from within, raising them high for the crowd to see, and declared, "And for those of you that believe neither in the Laws of God nor the Laws of Man, I give you this argument!" He then proceed to lay the weapons on the rostrum with The Constitution and The Bible, and delivered his speech unmolested.

Hillary Clinton cares not for The Constitution, nor the Laws of Man. She has violated the laws of our land repeatedly, and with complete impunity, aided and abetted by a thoroughly corrupt President, and his equally corrupt administration, Justice Department, and FBI. She is the handpicked choice to replace President Obama, a man that considers the Constitution an archaic document of no worth or importance, and has proceeded to circumvent it at every turn, unimpeded by most of the cowardly scum that sits in the Congress. To suppose that Hillary Clinton would do otherwise is sheer nonsense. Additionally, she has promised to nominate replacements for retiring or deceased Supreme Court Justices with political hacks who would treat the Constitution with complete distain and vote the way directed in the manner of a Russian Boxing Referee. As for The Holy Bible and our Christian heritage upon which this country was founded, she professes more admiration and support for the Religion of Islam, and is actively striving to bring thousands upon thousands of Muslim refugees into our country to be supported in grand fashion by the American Taxpayer, you! Left behind to fend for themselves in the Middle East are minority groups of Christians that have been ruthlessly tortured and slaughtered by Muslim fanatics, and remain under attack, virtually forgotten by the present administration.

Though Trump won’t need knife and pistol to respond to the attacks that will be directed at him between now and November 8th, he must be prepared for every dirty trick in the book. The leaked emails from the Democrat National committee, the Head of the Democrat party, and Clinton’s own Campaign Chairman revel the methods used to deny Bernie Sanders all chance to be that party's Presidential nominee, and they will use the same methods attacking Donald Trump. He must go viciously on the attack, and strike hard at every opportunity. Hillary Clinton’s entire political life is built upon a foundation of lies, so many in fact, as to rival the stars in the sky. There is hardly time to address every single lie, but the most glaring must be hammered at relentlessly. To cite just a few there are all the lies she’s told regarding her completely illegal private email severed which was set up entirely without government knowledge in the basement of her own home. Then there is Benghazi, a failure by the State Department, of which she was head, to provide adequate security for the Embassy staff when they had been virtually begging for it. Then, when the well planned attack on the Consulate occurred, rather then address the problem and respond with prompt military action, she and the President disappeared, concocting as their defense that the attack was because of an offensive anti-Muslim video. What action that did occur to remedy the situation came from the brave security detail working at a secret CIA complex nearby. Action in which these men fought heroically, and to the very death of two, all the while calling for military assistance which had been promised but was neither sent nor contemplated. To add insult to injury, when the bodies of the murdered Ambassador and a member of his staff, and the two former Navy SEALS that had died fighting, were returned to our country, she persisted in the lie that it was all because of this anti-Muslim video, and that the man responsible would be held accountable. Now she disavows the entire content of her remarks, which had been recorded on the spot by bereaved family members of the slain. Lastly there is the Clinton Foundation, a supposedly charitable foundation set up in Canada, safe from inquiry by US authorities, that is in actuality an influence peddling and money laundering operation, set up to enrich the Clintons and to enable a lavish lifestyle and large staff of aiders and abettors. In spite of the fact that Donald Trump is a very imperfect man in his own right, has life has been led within the bounds of our laws and conventions. If the American public would wake up and look at the true nature of the Clintons, and the criminality that has underlain their entire lives, it leaves no choice but to cast their vote for the less undesirable candidate, Donald Trump!

John E. Roberts
Editorialist and World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine ® 1998


When Will He Ever Learn?

October 4, 2016

One of the great protest songs of the Sixties was, Were Have All The Flowers Gone? There's a line in there goes, "When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn?" Well if I could adapt this song to the Trump Campaign I'd be singing, "When will he ever learn, when will he ever learn?" But for all his Tom Fool mistakes he'd be fifteen points ahead of Hillary right now. She, after all, is the most unappealing candidate ever to present herself in a race for President. She out Obama's Obama when it comes to lying; she skirted regulations and laws that under an honest administration would have sent her to prison; she's destroyed reputations of women raped and assaulted by her husband;  she's proved herself unwilling to provide support for her subordinates in dangerous situations, nor reinforcement for those in mortal peril, and left them to die; yet she remains in the race and actually a few points ahead of Trump because of his glaring and unnecessary mistakes. He's been baited unmercifully by Hillary and her handlers and has fallen prey nearly every time. If this was a baseball game and Hillary was pitching for the opposing team, Trump would be fanned every time at bat. To mix metaphors, the race is now in the home stretch, and whoever hits the wire first must neither falter nor make a mistake prior to the finish. Trump can still win, and God save the Nation if he doesn't, but he's got to put his head down, pin his ears back, and get dead serious. He has the best Debate Coach alive today right there in his corner in Newt Gingrich, all he's go to do is pay attention to what Newt tells him. He has to get off his Tweeting kick, which is as juvenile a way of responding or getting a point across yet devised in this country. General Robert E. Lee once stated, "Discipline is the most sublime word in the English language." I'm not sure Trump even knows the meaning of the word. His favorite word is Vanity, followed closely by Arrogance, undesirable characteristics both, which he possesses in great abundance.  The only other man I can possibly think of that comes close in these two respects is no other then Barrack Hussein Obama, President of the United States. Trump is not surrounded by fools, he has Rudy Giuliani and Gen. Mike Flynn in addition to Newt in his camp, all he has to do is listen. San Diego Beachlife Magazine cane out in full support months ago, and we have been willing to do much more, and believe me, we have valuable assets at our disposal that would have been invaluable to Trump's campaign. Attempts to convey this message have been futile, once on his campaign mailing list all you get are entreaties for contributions. When you are asked for input it's in the form of a survey, followed by another entreaty for a contribution. His campaign is so closed there isn't even a Suggestion Box where concrete advice might be sent. The catalyst for the invention that enabled the US Army to break out of the Hedgerow Country in WWII and go on the offensive was because of a statement blurted by a mere Army Private, but Trump's campaign is closed to such suggestion. If he loses this race it will not be because he was beaten by the despicable Hillary Clinton, it will be because he blew the opportunity completely, and the damnation of the Nation that will surely follow will be wholly upon his shoulders.

John E. Roberts
Editorialist and World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine ® 1998



And the Winner is, …….

September 28, 2016

Groucho Marx once famously said, "Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?"  Well, that pretty much summed up the so-called debate two nights ago. Immediately upon conclusion the talking heads proceeded to tell us exactly what we'd seen, what it all meant, and who had won. It was much ado about nothing. Most of the media, liberal to the core, called it decisively for Hillary in the finest tradition of Russian Boxing Referees. I prefer to believe my lying eyes, and though it was no knockout, I thought Trump won on points though not decisively. I thought Hillary uttered nothing but the usual liberal sound bites with no coherency whatsoever. Trump scored some points in sticking to his core messages early and in disputing some of Hillary's lies, though he missed obvious opportunities later to pummel her on her unsecure email server and the Benghazi debacle. The Moderator was pathetic, disputing only Trump on insignificant points and Hillary on none, and completely ignoring the major issues of the campaign. I expected nothing better, however, knowing his liberal bent and the intense pressure he was under from his ilk to tip the scale for Hillary. Trump should demand complete impartiality in the next two debates, a level playing field in other words, which, at least prior to the present administration, used to be the American Way!

Trump obviously has never boxed, which his performances throughout his entire campaign for President have amply demonstrated. Every blow thrown in a match is not telling, and insignificant blows should be shrugged off as you attempt to deliver telling blows to your opponent. Trunp, however, tries to counter every blow thrown at him, no matter how slight and insignificant, and wastes time and effort better spent in direct attack. Hopefully someone will come in with some good coaching prior to the next two debates so that his performance can be much more effective.

Hillary did say one thing that absolutely disqualifies her to occupy the position of Commander in Chief and no one, not Trump, not the media; nobody has picked up on it. In the present difficulties in the Persian Gulf our once mighty navy has been taunted, threatened, and humiliated by the Iranian Navy. Trump had stated after a recent incident when our ships were harassed and taunted in International Waters by the Iranian Navy that "they should, have been blown out of the water!" Hillary attacked this statement, saying, "He would get us in another war!", insinuating he was irresponsible and not of the levelheaded temperament worthy to  command. Well for those of you that don’t know, Iran is the bully of the Middle East; they threaten and intimidate every other country in the region, and have continued to get away with it since Obama became President. For well over a Century our country has been the only boy on the block willing to stand up to the bullies and protect the weak and innocent of the World from these unwarranted attacks and intimidations. Our once great navy has assumed much of this dirty work throughout our history, and names such as Jones, Preble, Bainbridge, Decatur, Farragut, Sims, Nimitz and Halsey continue to inspire us to this day. No tin pot dictator would dare to pull the stunts that Obama has allowed the Iranian Navy to get away with in the day of these Great Leaders, because the outcome would have been just as Trump stated, they'd have been blown out of the water! Hillary is obviously of the same cowardly temperament as Obama, who draws meaningless lines in the sand, issues empty threats, refuses to retaliate when our military is attacked, pays ransom to get our hostages released, and then lies about it. This is the same attitude that gave the world the rise of Nazism and Hitler when Neville Chamberlain signed the infamous Munich Pact which gave us "Peace in our time!” “Those who do not know History are doomed to repeat it!”

John E. Roberts
Editorialist and World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine ® 1998


An Unanswered Question

September 22, 2016

During the Presidential election of 2008 the question of the actual birthplace of Barak Hussein Obama came into question. The Hillary Clinton campaign first raised the issue, suggesting that he had actually been born in Kenya, his supposed father's home country, and therefore was not a Natural Born US Citizen and therefore ineligible for the Presidency. Obama steadfastly maintained that he had been born in Hawaii, and Hillary has since disavowed any connection with this assertion that he hadn't, saying that the party who had raised the issue was not a paid staffers of her campaign, was summarily dismissed, and that she apologized to Obama. Whether this is true or not I don't know, but Hillary has proved capable of saying and doing anything to get herself elected President. This assertion, however, was the catalyst that turned the question of his birthplace into a national issue. Many picked it up and began clamoring for evidence that he'd actually been born in Hawaii including Donald Trump. Scrambling to prove his Hawaiian birth, Obama pointed to a Honolulu newspaper that had printed news of his birth shortly after the fact. All this was well and good, but all it takes is a phone call to the news desk to get a birth announcement into the paper, newspapers don't send reporters to the hospitals every morning to verify who may have been born there the previous day like they do to the police courts to see who had been arrested. In the time line of events during this period, someone pointed out to Obama that he hadn't visited his grandmother in Hawaii in over two years. She was the one person that had done more for Obama than anyone else on earth, and that should she die in the meantime, and she was seriously ill, that it would look very bad for him, so off he scrambled to Hawaii, just a short hop from his home in Chicago if you take the Red Eye. He took full advantage of the photo op with his beloved grandmother, then promptly jumped a plane back to the mainland and his more pressing campaign appearances. Realizing the serious condition of his grandmother's health, and her mental state as well, he left a platoon of attorneys who camped at her bedside until she died to keep her from blurting out any information that might be detrimental to his well scripted life's history. Somewhere about this time one of his many relatives in Kenya declared emphatically that he had been born in Kenya, but this information was virtually ignored by the US news media, already in the bag for Obama anyway. In fact, so far as I've been able to ascertain, the news media accepted as fact Obama's claim that he'd been born in Hawaii, and not a single investigative reporter or detective was sent there to check the facts. I have heard of no former hospital employee being interviewed that may have been there at his birth, nor any past neighbors of his grandparents. Neither have Airline records been thoroughly searched, though his mother was known to have been in Kenya prior to his birth and had travelled there by air. I'm sure her Passport could verify the dates she visited Kenya, though I’m certain it’s conveniently no longer in existence. As well, it would have very easy for the Bush administration, still in power at the time, to check the facts, but apparently they were more concerned with political correctness, or so eaten up with ineptitude, that they failed to do so. Obama did come forth with more facts that supported his argument that he'd been born in Hawaii, but the Birth Certificate first submitted was computer generated and not the correct form of birth certificate in use when he was actually born. When another was submitted, purported to be the official long form, it was judged by forgery experts a fraud. Some state officials verified his claim as well, but government officials are easily corrupted and I put little faith in this testimony. The name of the hospital he was supposedly born in was submitted as well, and it turned that this hospital hadn't existed at the time of his birth. The hospital where he had been supposedly born had a name change, and he'd submitted the new name, not the original that it was known as at the time of his birth. If you were born in Constantinople you wouldn't tell people you had been born in Istanbul would you? Obama obviously doesn't know where he was born or he's lying about it. A doctor's name, who had supposedly delivered Obama, was also provided, but he was deceased and his records had all been destroyed. Most of this was extremely fishy, but the press, like good Christians that cling to the myth of Immaculate Conception and Virgin Birth, held fast to Obama's claim as if infallible. There's a wonderful Western Movie, The Man That Shot Liberty Valence that contains the line, "When the legend becomes fact, ...print the legend!" This is the route the media has taken and the Democrat Party as well, and anyone that discounts the authenticity of Obama's Hawaiian birth is immediately branded a Birther, branding him either a Right Wing Extremist or a nut case. I just conducted an informal poll among several correspondents of mine, all highly intelligent college graduates and decorated Vietnam Veterans. None rule out that Obama may have been born in Hawaii, but only one of the five of us is satisfied that the evidence produced by Obama conclusively proves that. After all, his college transcript and records are sealed by court order, as well as other details of his earlier life, which leads people to wonder what he's concealing. Other than being embarrassed by the grades I received in college, I could have done much better, I certainly wouldn't go to such lengths to hide them. And to top it all off, he is proven the most notorious liar to ever occupy the Oval Office. If he'll lie about one thing he's certainly capable of lying about another!

The issue came to the fore again a few days ago when Donald Trump mentioned that he wasn't entirely satisfied that Obama had actually been born in Hawaii. There was an immediate hue and cry from the Hawaiian Birth faction, including the media, the Congressional Black Caucus, Hillary Clinton and her staff, 'all the usual suspect' in other words, and it was overshadowing Trumps efforts to fully expose Hillary's lies, deceptions, and corruption. He made the wise decision to lay the issue to rest, at least for the timer being, and he announced a special Press Conference. In his opening remarks he announced that he'd come to the conclusion that Obama had been born in Hawaii and refused to discuss the matter further. This drove 'the usual suspects' into an even greater frenzy. They are now clamoring for Trump to apologize to Obama for ever daring to suggest that he hadn't been born in Hawaii. Well, I do believe an apology is in order but not from Donald Trump. If you ask me, Obama owes the World an apology! The sad fact is, though the World was in no great shape when Obama took office nearly eight years ago, it is in far worse shape today as a consequence of his incompetent and criminal administration, his meddling in World affairs, and his protection and promotion of Islamic terrorism. The sooner we are rid of him and his ilk, the better, and this includes Hillary Clinton and her entourage of sucker fish, and the scum Republicans that have turned their backs on their party to either support Hillary Clinton or are refusing to vote at all. The forthcoming election will be the most important of your lifetime, our once great nation, our economy, and our children's future lies in the balance. Cast your vote wisely and well, and cast it for Donald Trump!


John E. Roberts
Editorialist and World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine ® 1998



September 11, 2016

There was a great Rock 'n Roll song in the '50s by Sam Cooke that contained the line, "Don't know much about history." This could well be a description of Mike Pence. Republican candidate for Vice President. He declared recently that, "Hillary Clinton is the most dishonest presidential candidate since Richard Nixon." I'm now wondering where he got his education because he's so far off the mark it's almost pathetic. Exactly what did Nixon do that was so dishonest? He neither authorized nor planned the Watergate break-in, he only learned of it the following day when it was a fait accompli. He did attempt to cover it up and deny responsibility, but his main motive at the time was to protect his men, however misguided they were in their abortive effort. Afterward, in vain attempt to conceal the cover-up, he caused to be erased eighteen minutes of recorded conversation, which ultimately led to his downfall. Had he followed the advice of John Connally and destroyed the tapes, which had not been subpoenaed at the time and were his personal property, he might well have not had to resign the Presidency. Hillary Clinton obviously learned from this, and thirteen devices she used in the illegal sending of Classified State Department emails have either been entirely destroyed or disappeared completely, whereabouts unknown.

The man preceding Nixon in the Presidency, Lyndon Johnson, was dishonest to the core. His election to the Senate, the second step in the ascent that eventually led to the Oval Office, was as corrupt an election as ever recorded in this country. Additionally, as President, Johnson continued to call the shots of his significant holdings in Texas TV & radio stations when they were supposed to be in blind trust, and influenced legislation and regulations to increase the value of these holdings while in office. Nixon won his election to the Senate on the fair, nor had outside business interest to favor by his influence.

Then there was Bill Clinton, who sold hundreds of pardons just prior to leaving office. His wife later famously lied that they’d left the White House dead broke. One thing they did leave with was loads of furniture, china, artwork, and various other items belonging to the Nation. Fortunately, all these items had been properly inventoried, and the thieves were forced to either return them or reimburse the government for their face value. Just more glaring crimes committed by dishonest Democrat Presidents, yet Nixon remains the Democrat Party's poster boy for Crook!

Finally we come to the present occupant of the Oval Office, Barak Hussein Obama, whose plethora of lies are eclipsed only by Hillary Clinton’s, a man that has for all practical purpose used The Constitution as toilet paper, and the man that has thoroughly corrupted the Justice Department by the appointment of the criminal Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch as Attorney General, To add insult to injury he has also corrupted the Federal Bureau of Investigation as well by the appointment of James (No intent, no crime!) Comey as Director.

In light of all this Democrat corruption I would consider Richard Nixon hardly corrupt at all, and he wasn't at all a bad President, certainly far better than the three Democrats I have mentioned.

Mike Pence doesn't need to be running for Vice President, he needs to go back to school and repeat all those History classes he either cut or slept through.


John E. Roberts
Editorialist and World Correspondent at Large




Hook, Line, and Sinker!

August 3, 2016

There are species of fish that are extremely difficult to catch, Trout, Tarpon, and Marlin coming immediately to mind. There are other species, however, that are so gullible they will take almost any sort of bait, and the Cod and the Sucker fall in this category, sometimes even going for nothing more than a shiny bare hook. If Donald Trump were a fish he'd be found among the latter species. The Obama administration has been flooding the country with refugees from Syria, mostly unvetted, and Hillary Clinton has declared her intention to continue doing the same. Because of the overwhelming number of terrorists incidents in this country since the first World Trade Center bombing, virtually all perpetrated by Radical Islamist, Donald Trump has declared he will institute a moratorium on immigration from certain countries where terrorism is endemic, and will allow no Muslim into the country without thorough vetting. This has struck a cord with the American People, who are far more concerned about this uncontrolled immigration, and the terrorism it has spawned, then the party in power. But Hillary and her co-conspirators wanted to do something to show that a Muslim could become a good American, and they baited a hook for Donald Trump in the process. They found a Muslim lawyer in New York whose son has been killed twelve years ago by a roadside bomb in Iraq. What they had to do to reward this man for speaking is unknown, but the Clinton Foundation has deep pockets. They trotted him onstage at the Democrat National Convention with his sad looking, scarf covered wife at his side as a prop. He delved into his love of his adopted country and how his son had gone off to war on her behalf and given his life. To this point in his speech there was nothing to find fault with, but then he lit into Donald Trump and his record of draft deferments. Had Trump let the issue drop, it would have been virtually forgotten the following day, but no, he's not one to ever let a personal attack go unrebutted. He is so vain and thin-skinned that no attack, slight, or insult, no matter how insignificant, must be allowed to pass without reply, and so he aggressively and viciously tore into the Muslim lawyer, Khizr Khan, and his wife. In other words he took the bait hook, line, and sinker, a wrong and impulsive act which has left him virtually defenseless, and he has since been remorselessly attacked, not only by Democrats and their media cohorts, but by members of his own party as well. Hillary Clinton must have been barking in glee! If he had responded at all he should have taken the ball back into Hillary's territory by suggesting that this Khizr Khan forgot to mention the most notorious draft dodger in American History, Bill Clinton, the husband of the Democrat candidate for President.

Only a couple of weeks ago the election was Trump's to win, all he had to do was stay on message, terrorism, immigration, and the economy, and continued attacks against his opponent, but in this short period of time he has thrown away much of his chance to be elected with his big, and uncontrollable mouth. If he goes down to defeat in November, the loss will be entirely his own fault, his place on the dung heap of American History will be guaranteed, and he will be equally despised and avoided by Democrat and Republican alike for the rest of his despicable life.


John E. Roberts
Editorialist and World Correspondent at Large



The Scum Also Rises

July 21, 2016

The Presidential elections of the present century have presented the American voter with the most unworthy cast of candidates in the entire history of the Republic. Not a one, winner or loser, was suited by virtue of character, intelligence or ability to effective lead the nation. This year the choices are the absolute worst ever.

Donald Trump is a self-serving promoter, a loudmouth, a braggart, a hot-headed and unpredictable egomaniac so enamored of his own opinion that he often shuns far wiser counsel to go with his own gut feelings. Feelings that, more often than not, are hopelessly wrong. A Trump Presidency could well turn out an unmitigated disaster for our country. His opponent, Hillary Clinton, however, is far worse. Her lust for power knows no bounds, and there has been no character ever involved in politics in this country that can match her scheming, her lies, or her evasions and distortions in this quest for power. In just a little over two-hundred years we have come from a man reputed to have never told a lie, to one so devoid or truthfulness as to call into question any statement he makes, no matter how bland or innocuous it may be. In this obsession to lie, however, Barack Obama has more than met his match in Hillary Clinton. As to the specifics and magnitude of her lies, the evidence is there in public record for anyone that cares to see.

In addition to her monumental lies, she and her degenerate husband are outright thieves. Their theft of furniture, fixtures and china from the White House when Bill Clinton left office is well documented. Fortunately for the country, most of it they were either forced to return or reimburse the government for by the incoming administration.

Then there's her collusion with Wall Street and the great Banking Houses. She's been paid massive speaking fees on numerous occasions for short speeches to these organizations, the subject of which remains a secret, but it's perfectly obvious that their privileged position, exorbitant tax breaks, and lavish refunds will be allowed to continue under a Clinton administration, and their executives will continue to prosper beyond the dreams of ordinary American workingmen.

Not to be forgotten is the Clinton Foundation, set up in Canada where banking secrecy laws keep it hidden from US scrutiny. It is ostensibly a charitable foundation, but actually a Mafia-like operation that funnels money solicited from oppressive foreign governments while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, for protection from US Laws, promotion of their special interests, and influence in government affairs. Though a small percentage of this money actually goes to charitable causes, The Clinton Foundation is in actuality a slush fund which the Clintons use for their lavish living and travel expenses and the maintenance of large personal staffs. This is a blatantly obvious conflict of interest, and a violation of the RICO Statutes, but the Clintons are as immune from prosecution by this corrupt administration as Hillary was with regard to the criminal handling of the most secretive government information while she was Secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton proudly bragged that when she and her husband moved out of the White House they were flat broke. In the intervening years she has served in the US Senate and as Secretary of State in the first Obama administration, as well as making speeches to various groups and organizations, hardly the sort of wage earning that would put her in the category of a Morgans, a Rockefeller, or a Rothschild. Her husband Bill, when not on various jaunts with the likes of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein to his Orgy Island, has also been engaged in speech-making. During this period they have amassed a vast fortune totaling well into the millions, the greatest fortune ever amassed by a President after leaving the White House in fact. How all this money has magically appeared remains in great part a secret, yet Hillary demands she be allowed to see Donald Trump's tax statements.

I close with the prescient words of a former US President, and an honest one.

"No man can get rich in politics unless he's a crook. It can not be done."

                                                                                                            Harry S. Truman

God Bless America!

John E. Roberts
Editorialist and World Correspondent at Large



Ted Cruz

July 21, 2016

It occurred to me some months ago that Ted Cruz looked like a crooked gambler that would deal from the bottom of the deck. I stated that if John Ford, the Greatest Hollywood Director of all time, were still alive and directing movies he would certainly cast Cruz in this sort of role. I got no more than a chuckle from several friends for this observation, but now, after Cruz' speech last night to the Republican National Convention, it's obvious to the entire world that I was spot on in my analysis. He is without doubt, a slimy, lying, back-stabbing, double dealing, floor flusher of the first order. If Texas doesn't dump him forever from politics in the State it is no longer the Great Lone Star State of honorable men such as Austin, Houston, Travis, Crockett, Bowie, and the Texas Rangers, but the disgusting abode of Carpetbaggers, Scalawags, criminals and illegal aliens, of which I now count Cruz! (Go back to Canada you SOB, maybe you can find work there with the Clinton Foundation!)

Damn Cruz, Romney, Kasick, Rubio, and the rest of the back stabbing Republicans


God bless America!

John E. Roberts
Editorialist and World Correspondent at Large



Does she think we came to town on a load of turnips?

June 30, 2016

On Monday, former President Bill Clinton had a secret and private, half-hour meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch aboard her private aircraft at Phoenix Airport. Once news of the meeting leaked out, Lynch offered up an explanation, saying the meeting had been a purely personal call while both she and the former President happened to be at the airport at the same time. She said they discussed their grandchildren, their travels and other trivial matters and nothing whatsoever of an official nature. No one with a functioning brain is falling for this tripe for even one second. In the first place, Lynch is the Attorney General, the Number One Law Enforcement Official in the United States. It is her responsibility to conduct the affairs of her office with no hint of scandal or stain. Secondly, former President Clinton's wife Hillary just happens to be the Democrat nominee for President of the U.S., and presently under investigation by the Justice Department's FBI for potential violation of U.S. Laws regarding security of materials and communications of the most secret nature while she held the position of Secretary of State. There is strong evidence that she is guilty, and should be indicted. Should she be indicted she will be out of the Presidential race, and the then likelihood is that the Republican candidate would be elected. This would be catastrophe for the Democrat Party, President Obama, and the Clintons. Additionally, it would be catastrophe for Loretta Lynch as well because she'll be out of a job. Without a doubt, Loretta Lynch's future was the prime topic discussed during this meeting. Clinton no doubt pointed out to her that if the indictment is quashed, great rewards could come her way, especially so if his wife is elected President. What the details of these rewards would be is known only to the Clinton, Lynch and her husband, but the ,possibilities are many. If Hillary is elected, Lynch could continue in her present position as Attorney General, or, should she desire, be appointed to the Supreme Court. Massive speaking fees may also have been dangled in front of her, paid for by the Clinton Foundation, the slush fund, protection and influence peddling racket the Clinton's operate in Canada disguised as a charity, and safe from prying U.S. eyes. The sky's the limit, and Loretta Lynch well knows it!

This little episode reminds me of a favorite quote by H.L. Mencken;

"It is hard to believe that a man is telling the truth when you know that you would lie if you were in his place."

She's lying!


God bless America!

John E. Roberts
Editorialist and World Correspondent at Large



The Return of Dracula

June 20, 2016

Dracula, by Bram Stoker, is a fictional retelling of the Eastern European legends of the Vampire, undead fiends that prey upon the living. It remains to this day the greatest work of horror fiction ever written. In the story, Count Dracula, a Nobleman from the Land of Transylvania, and one of these vile creatures, travels to England. He comes on the crest of a raging storm aboard a schooner with a dead man lashed to the helm and the rest of the crew missing, yet the ship safely grounds herself in harbor. Unknowingly, authorities release the cargo, consisting of boxes of earth, to their consignee. Little were they aware of the evil contained therein. Resting in his coffin within one of the boxes of earth lay Count Dracula himself. Once reinterred in a crypt in rural England, safe in his coffin and surrounded by the earth of his native soil, he would rise every evening at nightfall to spread his deadly terror across a naive and unsuspecting land.

Another horror has now arrived in the Western World. Like Dracula it arrived from the East, and as well, it arrived on the crest of a storm, for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are sweeping across the lands from whence it came, leaving death, destruction, and despair in their wake. Welcomed into these countries with open arms, the flotsam and jetsam from this turmoil in the Middle East, contains within it the seeds of another evil far more deadly to the free world than a thousand Dracula's would have ever been.

The first World Trade Center bombing, the hijacked airliner attacks of September 11, 1993, the Ft. Hood massacre, the Chattanooga Enlistment Center shootings, the San Bernardino shootings, the Orlando nightclub massacre, and hundreds of other shootings and murders throughout Western Europe, all perpetrated by Radical Islamic Terrorists. What more do you need to see to make you aware that a monumental evil has infiltrated the Western World, and almost daily we see more deadly effects of it?

Yet, with hundreds of thousands of Muslims already here, they continue to stream into our country with little or no insight into their background or the danger they may present. Our President assures us that Islam is a Religion of Peace when overwhelming evidence tells sane men otherwise. Our’s is a tolerant nation, but no one other than a fool could declare Islam as tolerant.

Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump is attacked and assailed, not only by Democrats and the media, but by members of his own party because he wants to assert some sort of positive control over who may be admitted to our country.

There are those that tell us that this perpetrator of this latest massacre in Orlando, Omar Mateen, must be labeled a Home Grown Terrorist because he was born in the USA. Being born and growing up here he's naturally supposed to learn to love baseball, hot dogs, 4th of July picnics and fireworks. Well now, is this really the case? He is not foreign born, but he is foreign seed, he is Muslim. His parents are Muslim immigrants and natives of Afghanistan. He was raised in a Muslim community, in which they tend to congregate separate from the rest of American society. He attended local Mosques, and quite likely listened to the hateful sermons that are preached in many of them, but of course we wouldn't know because due to the doctrine of Political Correctness, law enforcement officials are prevented by Federal Law from investigating possible terroristic influence if it involves a Mosque. This murderer grew up in a Muslim hothouse, surrounded by native soil just as Dracula was when he lay in that crypt in England. Foreign fertilizer was readily available to nurture this hideous seed while growing in that hothouse, by virtue of unlimited terroristic and evil influence available on the internet and through social media. Many questions are now being raised such as, "How, being a Muslim, did he get a security job in the first place?" Well, had he been denied because of his Religion the company that hired him would have been massively fined, if not run completely out of business, and had their government contract pulled in the process? He was investigated twice by the FBI, who cleared him both times, and now it's glaringly obvious that they either weren't doing their job or weren't allowed to.

Now Democrats and many Republicans in Congress as well, are pushing for more gun control as a means of stopping this violence. I equate this effort to hiding under the bed when you hear someone breaking into your house. Many entirely legal purchasers would be denied the right to purchase a weapon, and this Omar Mateen wouldn't have been one of them, because he had the appropriate clearance to buy one.

Yes, a monumental evil is loose in this land and it's name is Radical Islamic Terrorism! If massive Muslim immigration is allowed to continue it will only aid and abet this catastrophe. The future of this country and the Free World is at stake; this invasion must be stopped at the gate, and stopped now!


God bless America!

John E. Roberts
Editorialist and World Correspondent at Large


Endorsement of
Donald Trump for President

January 22, 2016

San Diego Beachlife Magazine has been known and trusted throughout her existence for accurate, timely, and impartial reporting. Many other well known news organizations do not hold to the same high standard, and fail to report, misreport, or slant their reporting in a blatantly biased fashion for whatever their unscrupulous aims may be. We would never stoop to such underhanded and un-American prejudices and distortions. However, there comes a time when conscience compels us to take a principled stand, and with the most important Presidential election in our lifetime in the offing, now is the time when we must step forward and be counted. Our country has been misled for the past seven years by the greatest impostor, fraud, and liar ever known upon the North American Continent. He has taken our country from imposing heights, the beacon of freedom to the World, to a laughingstock among nations. Our economy is in shambles, unemployment is rampant, and thousands upon thousands have given up hope of finding work and dropped out of the labor pool altogether. Our former allies no longer trust us, and our enemies despise and openly ridicule and humiliate us. Our military is in shambles, and our once feared Navy has just been subjected to the most disgraceful episode in her long and glorious history. The political party responsible for these catastrophes must be prevented from continuing in high office. The likely candidate of this party is as despicable and untrustworthy as the man presently occupying the Oval Office. For the future security of our nation, for the welfare of our children and grandchildren, for the return of our Nation to her rightful place of leadership in the World, and the return of our Military Forces to a position second to none, we wish to declare our wholehearted support and endorsement for the candidacy of Donald Trump for President.

God bless America!

John E. Roberts
Editorialist and World Correspondent at Large


Hillary, You're Pissing On My Boots!


In 2008 Barak Obama wrested the Democrat nomination for the Presidency away from Hillary Clinton. Obama won it fair and square ...after a fashion, the dirty tricks learned in Chicago trumped those learned in Arkansas, and he carried the day. It was a humiliating defeat for Hillary but she put on a good show of accepting it gracefully, and promised to throw her support to the party. Defeated she may have been, but it in no way lessened her lust to occupy the seat in the Oval Office. She sought, and received, the position of Secretary of State in the Obama cabinet. This was a wise move on her part because it kept her in the public eye, and through clever manipulation of press releases and other means, created the illusion that she was doing a remarkable job. Fact of the matter is, she did nothing remarkable at all, and accomplished very little. What she did that was remarkable was log more airline miles, days spent out of the country, and number of glowing press releases, in the history of the office. She resigned after Obama's first term in office to concentrate her efforts on winning the Democrat nomination for the Presidency in 2016. She left the office in the hands of a perfect stooge knowing he could never better her record there. For three years she moved serenely along the campaign trail, solidifying her position as the darling of the Democrat party, while her husband turned his attentions to living the high life out of sight of his otherwise occupied wife, and further enriching himself through fat speaking fees and shady dealings only now coming to light.

Though the Clintons and Obama have always professed mutual respect and support, the truth is they despise each other. Their relationship could more accurately be described as a Mexican Standoff. Obama needed the Clinton's support in order to pursue his nefarious goals as President, and Hillary needed his to bolster her position as Democrat Party favorite for the Presidency in 2017. The Clintons are no fools however, they already knew prior to the revelations of Edward Snowden that the government was spying on ordinary American citizens and lying about it. Hell, they did it themselves while Bill Clinton was both a Governor and President, destroying reputations, fortunes, and lives in the process. Hillary had no intention of putting herself in a position where Obama could know about, and monitor every move that she made. Imperiously, she refused to utilize the mandated official communication system in the State Department, creating her own. Here, so she thought, she was safe and secure from Obama's prying eyes. Unfortunately for her it turned out to be a glaring mistake, one that has now come back to haunt her.

There remained one little fly left in the ointment, the calamity of Benghazi during her tenure at State.  Her bad judgment played a large part in the lack of security which led to her Ambassador and three other Americans being brought home in flag draped coffins. Had this disaster not occurred, her schemes may well have carried to fruition and her march to the Presidency come off without a hitch. This issue, however, has dogged both her and Obama from onset, and continues to this day. The glaring mistakes made that could have prevented it, the in competencies in reacting, along with the lies and cover-ups to misrepresent, camouflage, and hide the truth of it, would, if known, destroy the both of them. This makes certain that the Mexican Standoff between them remains, for if one goes down, the other will surely follow.

The lies and cover up started almost immediately after the Benghazi debacle, and they are well enough know and documented elsewhere that I won't bother to list them. Reporters were curious at first, but most soon bought the administration's line and dropped the issue. The President dismissed the matter as, "... bumps in the road." When called to testify before a Congressional panel Hillary declared, "What difference – at this point, what difference does it make?" Further efforts by the Senate to uncover the truth of Benghazi were stonewalled and delayed by The State Department and the Obama administration.  Political objectives continue to obscure the truth, and though it was accepted that mistakes had been made, these were ascribed to low level government employees, and the high government officials actually responsible walked away without even a slap on the wrist.

In the House, however, it is a different story. The stonewalling continues but the bulldog efforts of Rep. Trey Gowdy to get at the truth are bearing fruit, and this in spite of the despicable efforts of Rep. Elijah Cummings to foil the work of their committee. Here, it was discovered that Hillary had not used the official government communication system mandated by law for her official correspondence, but her own personal and private server. Also mandated by law are that all that all official communications be retained and kept secure for oversight if necessary, and the House committee rightfully demanded those pertaining to Benghazi. There was a little problem here however; all these communications were stored on the server installed in the private residence of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Here began another series of lies and cover-ups. Hillary volunteered to produce all emails pertaining to official business, declaring that no material marked Confidential was contained therein. And produce them she did, a pitifully small number, saying that everything else was of personal and private nature, and she had deleted them. Emails, however, do not exist only on the device on which they originate, they are stored on the server, the recipient also has a copy, and others may as well. These missing emails are beginning to turn up, and they put the lie to most of Hillary's declarations on the matter. The server is now in the hands of the FBI, but all indications are that all emails have not only been deleted, but that the server has been professionally wiped clean of all information whatsoever. Summonses by the House Committee to get those involved in setting up, maintaining, and servicing this private system to testify are now going out. One of Hillary's co-conspirators has already notified the committee that if required to appear, he will plead the Fifth. The whole scenario brings to mind a wonderful line by Sherriff Ed Earl in the play, THE BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN TEXAS, "Boys, I got myself a pretty good bullshit detector, and I can tell when somebody's pissing on my boots and telling me it's a rainstorm."  Well, Trey Gowdy knows Hillary's pissing on his boots and he intends doing something about it!

John E. Roberts
World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine




By: John Edwin Roberts

August 9, 2015


Fox News bills itself as ‘Fair and Balanced’. On Friday evening we discovered they are anything but. In the first debate of candidates for Republican Presidential nominee, the loaded questions they threw at Trump, the initial one ostensibly for all participants but in actuality directed only at him, were nothing less than blows below the belt.

There are presently seventeen Republican candidates. The leader of the pack is Donald Trump with a double-digit lead over his nearest rival. The bottom seven or so trailing rivals all hover around 1%, and haven’t a snowball’s chance in Hell of being the candidate. There are only a half-dozen serious rivals; nevertheless all seventeen were trotted on stage for this so-called debate. Most of the trailing candidates, perhaps all, would like to see Trump out of the race, but his up-front statements on the problems this country faces have struck a chord with the American People and he now enjoys massive support. Many of the trailing candidates have viciously, and aggressively, attacked Trump, rather than outlining their own qualifications or attacking the likely Democrat nominee, which they should be doing. When he responds in counterattack, they declare him angry, unprincipled, and vicious. They remind me of the tattletales most of us despised when we were in grade school. Trump, we are told, does not represent the Republican Establishment, whatever that is, but apparently it means business as usual, and that only increases his support by those that despise the present situation in Washington.

The opening question boiled down to would the candidates all take a ridiculous sort of Huck Finn Pirate’s Oath to fully support the Republican nominee, regardless whom he may be, and not to mount an independent campaign were he not. Well, Trump is the only candidate that could effectively mount an independent campaign, none of the rest could do so and even draw 5% support, so for them it was a non question. For Trump it was a trap, because the threat of his mounting an independent campaign, whether he actually intends to or not, is the only thing keeping other candidates from mounting more vicious attacks against him. He wisely declared, “No!”

Then there comes another foul, this from Megyn Kelley, another of the so-called ‘Fair and Balanced’ team. Did she want to know how he intended to solve the massive, and numerous, problems confronting this Nation considering his lack of in-office political experience? No! Did she want to know how his programs, and principals differed from those of the Democrat Party, and how they would be an improvement? No! She wanted to know if a disparaging offhand comment he’d made years ago about a disgusting woman with whom he’d had some differences, represented his attitude towards all women everywhere. It was without doubt, the most asinine and ridiculous question I’ve ever heard mounted in my years of following these so-called debates, and believe me; I’ve seen some doozies. He handled the question well, and, as he should, dismissed it with the contempt it deserved.

The reaction of intelligent people who watched the debate was surprising, surprising anyway to Fox News. They thought they’d scored a coup and struck a massive blow to the Trump campaign. Most viewers saw it just the way I did and considered it not only unfair and totally biased, but reprehensible as well. The claim of Fox News to be ‘Fair and Balanced’ is now exposed as nothing but a hoax. The gloves are now off, and it’s every man for himself and I’ve an idea that the way Donald Trump will fight back against his enemies will be anything but effete and pusillanimous! Thursday night, we saw the kind of Commander in Chief capable of standing toe to toe with Putin, Khomeini, and Kim Jong-Un. Trump, a welcome relief from our community organizer and sensible people feel that.


John Edwin Roberts - Editorialist & World Correspondent at Large

San Diego Beachlife Magazine




By: John Edwin Roberts

June 22, 2015

The braying jackass of the Democrat Party brays yet again, “I am frustrated, and you have every right to be frustrated, because Congress doesn’t work the way it should,” His complaint falls on deaf ears, even the blind and corrupt loyalists of his own party are throwing their hands in frustration and ignoring his bitter words. No, Congress doesn’t work the way it should, or rather how he feels it should, which means it doesn’t dance to the tune of his socialist and utopian fiddle. Since the early days of his promised 'Hope and Change', 'Transparency', 'A New Start', and similar blather read from his ever present Teleprompter, his record is nothing but an economy in chaos, racial animosity not seen in decades, loss of national respect and prestige in the world, a thoroughly weakened and demoralized military, a war in the Middle East spiraling out of control, a Cold War rekindled from the embers of the heady days after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and disaster after disaster after disaster. He has failed in every effort he has made save bringing the country to the lowest ebb since the dark early days of WWII when the totalitarian states were on the march and victory, if perceived, was a dim light at the end of a tunnel. This country is the weakest she has been since the dark days of The Depression, when our leadership was lost in the wilderness and groping for a way. Even in the dark early days of WWII the country could rally to the words of a strong and virile President, knowing he wasn't lying, and leadership of our Army and Navy second to none. Sadly we have another nineteen months of this national tragedy before us until we may be freed of this monumental mismanagement and blight. In the meantime steel yourselves for more fleecing by a corrupt federal government that rewards indolence, incompetence and sloth, taxes that only go up, a dwindling retirement account, and health care costs unparallel in our history. We can only hope that after this next election this country can make a turn around and stride forward with purpose and determination, but given an electorate that followed a pied piper off a cliff, not once but twice in the past eight years; we could face a similar, or worse, fate in 2017. God help us!


John Edwin Roberts - Editorialist & World Correspondent at Large

San Diego Beachlife Magazine


Why Romney Lost The Election

By John Edwin Roberts

In the marvelous essay on Boxing, My One-Eyed Coach, by George Garrett, you will discover the most succint explaination of combat in the boxing ring that you will ever find. "...to win in boxing you had to hit the other guy. To hit the other guy you had to move in close enough for him to hit you. No other way. One of the immutable lessons of boxing was that there was no free lunch. To succeed you had to be at risk. You had to choose to be at risk. That choice was the chief act of will and courage. After that you might win or lose, on the basis of luck or skill, but the choice itself was all that mattered."

Romney was an underdog in this most recent Presidential contest from the very begining. His wealth, his aloofness, his religion, all alienated many; and of course the parasites, the indolent, the n'er do wells of the country, all on the government dole, were firmly in the Obama camp for fear of loosing their unearned pittance. As well, the brain-dead liberals, those who still clung to the Opium dream of 'Hope and Change', remained onboard. It was an uphill battle for Romney for all these reasons, not to mention the inherent advantage to Obama of incumbency, and the almost universal willingness of the media to pervert their message to sway all possible support to the President.

A ray of hope. however, shone through in the first debate. Obama, completely defenseless without his teleprompter, was severely damaged by Romney's superior knowledge and concise explanations. He was staggered and on the ropes. Now, if ever there was a time, Romney should have moved in for the kill. Obama was vulnerable for so many reasons, the failed economy, Fast and Furious, and of course the coverup and lies related to the Beghazi debacle. Romney should have hit him then with everything he had. Sadly he did not, he went into a defensive crouch, and tried to coast to victory on the points he had accumulated in Debate #1. He failed abysmally, at best drawing in Debate #2, and was nowhere in Debate #3. Obama regained the lead, and with much questionable activity at many polling places in crital states, swept to victory.

Obama now basks in the glow of victory, and the country looks ahead to the most bleak future envisioned since our noble forbears embarked on that great national adventure, The American Revolution. Romeny must now look himself in the mirror ever single day of what remains of his miserable life, and reflect on the lesson that Mr. Garrett so eloquently expressed at the commencement of this article, and ones that Romeny failed completely to comprehend.


John Edwin Roberts
Editorialist & World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine


Will You Stand idly by while America is destroyed?

January 22, 2012

I was in South Carolina for the first time many years ago. While there I met only one native I considered really intelligent, a guy named Fowler. He wound up the financial head of the Democrat Party, and though I didn't admire his association, I could hardly deny my previous evaluation was correct. We are now faced with the monumental ignorance and stupidity of most South Carolinians that I observed all those years ago, they have chosen Newt Gingrich as their Republican nominee for the Presidency. Though undoubtedly clever, this man is the most unprincipled of all the Republican candidates and the most unelectable. He is in the same league with Bill Clinton, the Hero of the Democrat Party, as a man without principal, moral compass, or worthwhile purpose in life other than self promotion, enrichment, and aggrandizement. If he becomes the Republican candidate for the Presidency, the details of his censure by the Congress will be laid out for all the World to see, and they won't be pretty. As well, the Republican Party will be domed for the next four years, and the country perhaps forever. Aiding and abetting this monstrous possibility was the endorsement of Gingrich by the Governor of Texas, as monumental an ass as we've seen in a Presidential campaign for many years. We can only hope that the voters in the State of Florida will not be as gullible, stupid, and/or foolish, as those in South Carolina, and Gingrich can be stopped there. If not, God help us!

John E. Roberts
Editorialist and World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine ® 1998


The Monroe Doctrine...

September 18, 2009

'Whatever happened to the Monroe Doctrine I so well remember studying in school? I learned it was one of the most important diplomatic moves ever made by the US, backed as it was by threat of force. Basically, it guaranteed the Western Hemisphere would be kept safe from the further ravages of Colonial rule and the meddling interference of European Nations. It has actually worked pretty well until recently. Oh there was that little tin pot dictator in Mexico who lasted a few years while the US was engaged in civil war, but that was sorted out before we had to step in and do it ourselves. After that came the Spanish American War, when we kicked Spain out of what was left of her colonial empire, and the Western Hemisphere was at last free of foreign oppression. Then, in recent times, a Communist regime came to power in Cuba, a regime still in power in spite of all US efforts to the contrary. It didn't take long for the Russians, our mortal enemies since well before WWII, to commence their meddling there. Before we knew it they had ballistic missiles in Cuba capable of reaching US targets with nuclear warheads. That was eventually put a stop to by the US agreeing to withdraw missiles from Turkey. President Kennedy was acclaimed a hero for his actions during that crisis, whether he deserved to be or not. Cuba then became a full, fledged puppet of the Kremlin, dancing to her bidding, and performing whatever tasks might be assigned. One of these tasks was to send an army to Angola. It's mission, to fight and destroy democratic opposition to the establishment of Communist rule there. To insure this effort wasn't botched, Russian generals were placed in charge. Once the misguided and incompetent Jimmy Carter was replaced, and a capable and intelligent administration in place, that plan was set awry, and Cuba's military power there destroyed. Lately the Cuban government is treated more a friend than an enemy by Washington, and we jail our former allies in fighting this evil regime on spurious and trumped up charges. Now we see the rise to power of another Communist Dictator in our hemisphere, the disgusting Chavez of Venezuela, Again the Kremlin sees fit to meddle in this hemisphere in direct violation of the Monroe Doctrine, and they are openly supplying weapons of mass destruction to Venezuela. These weapons are not defensive, weapons meant to safeguard the country against hostile neighbors, of which there are none, but offensive, with which aggressive warfare can be waged on neighbors who disagree. Is this not a clear violation of the Monroe Doctrine? It certainly seems so to me, but the man in the White House says nothing, and does nothing. In fact, the only aggressive action he is taking in this hemisphere is bullying the legitimate government of Honduras. The Secretary of State is his primary agent in this intimidating and thoroughly immoral effort. The President of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, attempted to circumvent the Constitution there, and make himself a virtual dictator, in the same fashion that Chavez did in Venezuela. The Supreme Court there, in full compliance with the law, ruled these efforts Unconstitutional, and under direction of the Vice President, the military removed the President from office and escorted him out of the country. His fellow Dictator Chavez immediately raised a hue and cry for his reinstatement, quickly seconded by other Socialist and Communist leaning governments the World round, as well . own government and the UN. Obama is now using every diplomatic and economic means available to reinstate this criminal President of Honduras. It is in times like this when I am ashamed to be an American!'

John E. Roberts
Editorialist and World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine ® 1998

“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire!”

October 29, 2008


A few weeks ago I began receiving e-mails pertaining to allegations that Barak Hussein Obama, Democrat Candidate for President of the United States, does not meet the Constitutional requirements that would qualify him for the office. It is alleged that Obama was actually born in Kenya, his father's native land, and not in Hawaii, as he claims. I at first brushed these allegations aside as feeble attempts at disinformation. I have since begun to change my mind. In the first place, I can't understand why this requirement that a candidate for President must be a natural born citizen of the United States does not required verification at filing. As a natural born citizen of the United States myself, I have been required to produce my birth certificate any number of times. In fact, I thought it was a matter of public record, not a piece of privileged information that could be released only at the discretion of the party concerned. As well as I can recall, I have had to produce my birth certificate, or certified copy thereof, many times. I had to produce it in order to obtain a Social Security card, a driver's license, to enlist in the US Navy, and to obtain a US Passport, this last time after already having produced it for two other departments of the US Government. I believe I have had to produce it a several other times as well, but can't at the moment recall exactly what for.

Since this controversy began Obama has remained silent on the entire matter, but his refusal to address what appears to be a rather simple request has aroused suspicions that there may indeed be truth to the allegations. Subsequently, the uproar not having subsided, the Obama campaign has released a digital copy of what they purport to be his birth certificate. This copy, however, is so patently phony, that no intelligent person is buying that. I have examined the copy myself, and declare it a complete and transparent hoax.

As I think more on this subject, I recalled that Obama made a trip to Hawaii just a month or so ago to visit his grandmother. Seems he hadn't seen her in over two years, and she, the one person who has done more for him than any other on this earth. Perhaps the trip was for public relations purposes, voters wouldn't like it if he gave the appearance of ingratitude for all his grandmother's sacrifices on his behalf. Then perhaps there were other reasons as well? A few days ago he's back again, seems now his grandmother is gravely ill, and this may be his last earthly visit with her. Later information revels he'd taken a gang of lawyers with him on the trip, a rather curious group of traveling companions, considering you're on the way to visit your grandmother on her deathbed. This, however, is soon cleared up when the Governor of Hawaii announces that all records pertaining to Obama are under lock and key until after the election. Funny a man insists that hospital records pertaining to his birth and his birth certificate be kept under governmental lock and key? Since these allegations obviously won't go away with all the documents pertinent to the issue being kept in hiding, it puts in focus the expulsion of the author, Jerome Corsi, from Kenya a few weeks ago. He was summarily kicked out of that country on an obviously trumped up charge of working without a permit. I had no idea that authors are required to get work permits when visiting foreign lands, but then, after all, they may be gathering information pertinent to their livelihood? I suppose next time I go abroad I must be sure to have appropriate work permits in place less I face similar expulsion. Of course the fact that Obama, who has connections in Kenya through relatives on his father's side of the family, rather nefarious ones at that, could have had nothing to do with this. Hogwash! Kenya is the very place where Obama is alleged to have been born and there may be records there that Obama can't keep hidden. He definitely didn’t want Corsi snooping around there and finding out anything!

All my life I’ve heard the saying, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” Well I smell smoke! I think now that Obama was indeed born in Kenya and is frantically trying to suppress that fact until after he’s elected President. I think the gang of lawyers he took to Hawaii with him is there to sit by the bedside of his grandmother and insure she talks to no one other than immediate family and friends, and that no indiscrete questions are put to her. I think that Obama will take every step possible to keep the American People ignorant of the truth prior to his election and inauguration. Afterwards, for the truth is eventually bound to come out, he will depend upon the Democrat majority in the Congress, a group to which the Constitution isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on, to keep him from being thrown out of office. He may well succeed.


John Edwin Roberts - Editorialist & Correspondent at Large


Stand By For Heavy Rolls!

October 11, 2008

In the US Navy, when severe sea conditions are to be expected, the announcement is made throughout the ship to, "Stand by for heavy rolls!" Our entire nation had better stand by for heavy rolls, because regardless of the outcome of the upcoming election, they will be encountered. Present indications are that Obama, the supposed harbinger of change, will win in a landslide. Much of the voting population has been convinced that the present administration is totally responsible for the present financial debacle, and the incompetent Bush Administration has been hung around McCain's neck like a millstone. Many have been convinced that Obama actually represents a change for the better, and will vote for him no matter what evidence may be presented to the contrary. Should Obama prevail, the celebrations will start immediately among the so called African American segment of the population. That will shortly be followed by drunken revelry, rioting, looting and wanton destruction. This segment of the population, as a consequence of one of their own being elected, will feel themselves above the law and proceed accordingly. In some major cities law and order may break down completely. Law-abiding citizens should take all precautions to safeguard their lives and property. In the unlikely event that McCain should win, the same result will accrue; only the first step will be omitted entirely, the second will be drunkenness only, before proceeding with rioting and the other remaining steps. Another certainty, in the unlikely event that McCain should win, is the Democrat Party will make the assertion that the election has been stolen, further enraging an already irresponsible segment of the population.

In addition to all law-abiding citizens taking necessary precautions, all local, state and federal authorities should be prepared as well. All law enforcement personnel should be mobilized and staged in proper location to proceed when called upon to deal with the lawless. Most states should mobilize their National Guard as well, and establish command posts to properly coordinate all forces at hand. Any official who does not take the steps necessary to prevent and stamp out lawless behavior will be guilty of criminal negligence.

Once lawless conditions are underway, do not expect the media to exert any influence to quell this disturbance. As with the Rodney King situation, they will only show film clips, or portions thereof, that will act as catalysts to the conflagration. The present financial crisis may well be aided and abetted by a civil disturbance of monumental proportion.

Remember, forewarned is forearmed, all responsible Americans take heed!

John Edwin Roberts - Editorialist & Correspondent at Large



May 11, 2008

The primary election results in Indiana and North Carolina failed to bring a close to the drawn out fight for the nomination between Obama and Hillary. It appeared, for a time, that the party would go to convention with neither candidate holding the number of delegates required for unanimous conformation. It also appeared that the final determination would be made, not on the convention floor by the rank and file, but by the so-called superdelegates. Now these superdelegates are supposedly Democrat Party members of the highest standing, Jimmy Carter sorts, far above partisan politics and dedicated only to the ideals of the party and the best interest of our nation. Well anyway, that's what they're supposed to be. The whole idea seems a bit elitist to me, after all, isn't the Democrat Party supposed to be the 'one man, one vote' party, the party opposed to behind the scenes connivings and decisions made in smoke filled rooms? It looks more and more though, like business as usual. Some of the superdelegates, who've been pledging their troth to one candidate or the other, come Hell or high water, are now scampering down the lines like rats leaving a sinking ship. Under pressure from supporters of Obama, many are willing to abandon poor Hillary and leave her to sail her ship alone. (I wonder if husband Bill will eventually joint this crowd?) It's been a good show so far, much better than the run of the mill campaign. It's perfectly obvious that Obama and Hillary don't care the least bit for each other, and their version of 'The Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat' has been a sight to behold. Let's hope this show isn't over yet, but it's looking more and more like it soon will be.


The recent primaries in Indiana and North Carolina were a split decision. Hillary won Indiana by a narrow margin, but North Carolina was a blowout for Obama. Indiana was interesting, as it is claimed that Hillary's narrow victory was influenced by Rush Limbaugh, a conservative entertainer with a popular radio show. I can't see how the Democrat Party can complain about this,  as they've been using Hollywood Bubble-heads to campaign for their causes for years, but they all up in arms about it nonetheless. There were also some shenanigans in some of the "African-American" districts in Gary, Indiana, reminding me of Chicago when Kennedy was elected, or Texas during LBJ's first Senatorial campaign. The clamor was short lived however, and the media has apparently forgotten all about it. Many were surprised that Hillary did so poorly in North Carolina, as her husband Bill campaigned vigorously for her there. Bill, as you probably know, has been a staunch friend of the "African-American", having done much for them when he was President, and claiming, in fact, to be "The First African American President of the U.S." This would seem a rather preposterous statement on the face of it, but he's been able to make preposterous statements all along and get away with them. Bill Clinton's assistance to the "African-American" has indeed been substantial, and he certainly had some reason to expect their support, going so far as to take it for granted. Well Bill, all bets are off! He's been repaid, as the"African-American" has always repaid those that assist them, with ingratitude and contempt. In North Carolina they ignored Hillary completely and turned out in droves to vote for the candidate of their own race. Now does this really surprise anyone? In major cities all across the US, once the "African-American" has achieved a majority of voters, they have elected their own. This has given us some of the worst run cities, and most corrupt political machinery since the infamous days of the Nineteenth Century. If Obama indeed becomes the Democrat Party's candidate for President, they will turn out again, along with the liberals of this country, who conform to the letter to what Malcolm Muggeridge so accurately described in his magnificent report on 'The Great Liberal Death Wish'. They could well get him elected. If so, the decline of the U.S. as a World Power, which has been underway since the great Ronald Reagan left office, will continue unabated.

John E. Roberts
Editorialist and World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine ® 1998



Lagos, Nigeria - December 12, 2007

Stable security conditions which had existed for some months in the offshore coastal waters of Nigeria near the mouth of the Escravos River were shattered in the early morning hours of December 10th by piracy. Chevron Nigeria, Ltd. operates extensive offshore oil fields here, where two vessels under contract were boarded by pirates. The pirates assaulted the vessels by speed boat with automatic weapon fire, machetes and knives. The vessels were boarded in turn about an hour apart and apparently no alarm was raised until after the pirates had escaped with their booty. Crewmen and workmen on the vessels were roughed up and terrorized, as the pirates relieved them and the vessel of all easily transportable property, including cash, jewelry, computers, and cell phones. No other information has been released, and it is not known at present from whence the pirates came. Incidents of this sort continue to make this country the most dangerous place in the world for oil field workers. The Nigerian Government has been ineffective in dealing with the problem, and the US Government appears unconcerned, tied up as they are in imbroglios elsewhere. Fortunately no serious bodily harm was done to any of the victims and no hostages taken, but this only serves to illustrate how vulnerable these offshore workers are, and what little has been done to improve the security situation.


John E. Roberts
Editorialist and World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine ® 1998


April 3, 2007


Bob sent me the appended article nearly a year ago, having apparently taken it at face value as being a stride forward in the uniforming of military personnel. I took one look at it and realized it was a disastrous idea, advanced by a so-called task force that knew absolutely nothing about the working part of the term working uniform. I meant to comment on it then, but until now have not taken the time to do so.

Any article of apparel containing polyester fabric is trash. I do not wear it, nor do I allow my grandchildren to wear it. In the first place, polyester is a sort of plastic, and when it burns, it melts. If it's on your back it melts right into your flesh. In the second place, if you've ever gone outside your air conditioned office in the tropics wearing such apparel, you know it's not only hot, much hotter that practical cotton fabrics, but it sticks to your skin most uncomfortably. Obviously these stuffed shirts sitting on that board never had to work in a hot engine room or on deck under a broiling tropical sun. Those of you not in your dotage should recall how uncomfortable that dress blue uniform we wore in parades became once June Week drew nigh, and that was only wool, without the addition of polyester.

I went through boot camp a long time ago, forty-eight years ago in fact, yet I still recall two lectures presented to us there that stick in my mind to this day. First was a lecture on damage control, and the importance of controlled flooding. The example cited was either a German battleship or heavy cruiser. She was holed through and through, and sinking, but as she went to the bottom, and with her main deck awash, she was on an even keel and all batteries were still firing! The second lecture concerned the sailor's cotton working dungaree uniform, and the practicality and inherent safety of it. Not only is cotton the most cool and comfortable of fabrics, it is safe. In a flash fire from a volatile vapor or gunpowder explosion, it acts as a wick, absorbing the heat of the flame. A graphic photograph was presented, showing the naked backs of four sailors exposed to just such an explosion. They had 2nd & 3rd degree burns on the backs of their necks and hands, but the skin underneath the cotton shirt was unharmed even though the shirts had been completely burned off their backs in the flame! That made a believer out of me!

Nearly all of us served in Viet Nam where the working uniform was cotton khaki for officers and chiefs, and dungarees for enlisted, or else wore the jungle fatigues, which were all 100% cotton. These uniforms were practical, easily cleaned, comfortable, and inexpensive. These uniforms can also be folded once washed and dry, and put under the mattress on your bunk, and come out nearly as smooth and military as had they been pressed.

Since I left the Navy another incident comes to mind, similar in misconception to this present proposal. The Army adopted synthetic fabric into it’s field uniform and went to war with it in Panama. It had no doubt been chosen because it wore well, did not fade, lasted longer than cotton fabric, and did not wrinkle, all desirable characteristics from a Hollywood soldier's outlook. The only thing wrong was once the men got into the jungle wearing them they were dropping like flies from heat stroke and exhaustion. The uniforms were then, most sensibly, replaced. They should never have been adopted in the first place!

I have recently read a marvelous book, Queen Victoria's Little Wars, by Byron Farwell and I recommend it highly as there are parallels there to our present difficulties in Iraq & Afghanistan. It also made mention of how soldiers of the Indian Army dressed entirely differently from those in the Queen's Army in India. The Indian virtually invented the practical cotton fabric, i.e. madras, seersucker, etc. They incorporated these fabrics into their practical tropical uniforms and could never understand why the Queen's soldiers wore such uncomfortable wool clothing in that clime.

I might also add, cotton is a 100% American product, and in the section of the country from whence I come, once King. In fact, some of my forebears once raised the crop. I wear it with comfort and great pride!


John Edwin Roberts
Editorialist & World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine

Mr. Roberts is responding to the following article which apeared in.

Navy newsstand - "The Source for Navy News"


CNO Approves New Navy Uniforms
Michael Foutch | March 03, 2006
Washington D.C. - Outfitting the Sailor of the future took
another step forward last week when Chief of Naval Operations Adm.
Mike Mullen approved plans for a single working uniform for all
ranks and a year-round service uniform for E-6 and below Sailors.
Based on recommendations made during a comprehensive briefing by
Task Force Uniform Feb. 24, Mullen agreed to production of both
a BDU-style working uniform for all Sailors E-1 to O-10 and a
more practical, year-round service uniform to withstand day-to-day
classroom and office-like environments where the service uniform
is typically worn.

“These are good uniforms, designed to support the modern
Sailor,” said Mullen. “Durability, safety, ease of wear and cleaning
were all factors that weighed heavily on my mind, as did, quite
frankly, the survey data and the opinions of wear testers. This
wasn’t a popularity contest by any stretch, but we would have been
foolish not to consider the opinions of the men and women who
will wear these uniforms.”

The BDU-style working uniform, designed to replace seven
different styles of current working uniforms, is made of a near
maintenance-free permanent press 50/50 nylon and cotton blend. Worn
with a blue cotton t-shirt, it will include an eight-point cover, a
black web belt with closed buckle, and black smooth leather
boots, with black suede no-shine boots for optional wear while
assigned to non-shipboard commands.
“When I walk down the piers, I see a Sailors standing watch as a
pier sentry in January and it's 30 degrees and freezing rain,”
Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (SS/AW) Terry Scott said.
“You have to ask yourself, does the uniform that we currently
issue protect us, and the answer is no.”

To meet the all-weather requirement, the new working uniform
will include several cold weather options, such as a unisex
pullover sweater, a fleece jacket, and a parka. It will also be made in
three variants, all in a multi-color digital print pattern:
predominately blue, with some gray, for the majority of Sailors and
shipboard use; and a woodland digital pattern and a desert
digital pattern for Sailors serving in units requiring those types of

“The intent of TFU always has been to give our Sailors a uniform
in which they can work comfortably everyday and is more
appropriate for the joint environment in which we operate,” Scott said.
“Even better, we’ve created a uniform that’s also easier to
maintain, is longer lasting, helps reduce the size of the sea bag,
while at the same time recognizing the tradition and heritage of
serving in the Navy.”

The service uniform for E-6 and below is comprised of a
short-sleeve khaki shirt for males and an over-blouse for females, made
from a wash and wear 75/25 polyester and wool blend, with
permanent military creases, black trousers for males with belt less
slacks for females and optional belt less skirt, and a black
unisex garrison cap. Silver anodized-metal rank insignia will be worn
on shirt/blouse collars and cap. The service uniform will also
include a black relaxed-fit Eisenhower-style jacket with a knit
stand-up collar and epaulets, on which petty officers will wear
large, silver anodized-metal rank insignia. Those entitled to
wear gold chevrons will continue to wear gold chevrons on the large
metal rank insignia on the jacket.

“In our research, we found the group most dissatisfied with
their present uniforms were E-6 and below,” Scott said.
The manner of wear for both of these new uniforms remains under
development by TFU and will not be effective until guidelines on
prescribed wear are incorporated in the Navy Uniform

“There are a lot of concerns about the manner of wear for the
working and service uniforms that we need to address, so we have a
smooth transition when the time comes,” TFU Director
CNO-Directed Command Master Chief Robert Carroll said.
The working uniform and service uniform are not expected to be
available for purchase and wear until late fall of 2007, after
which they will be introduced to Recruit Training Command and
eventually distributed to the rest of the fleet. Details on when the
uniforms will be available for purchase and wear at specific
geographic locations will be released at a future date.
Until the new uniforms are available for wear, all existing
uniform regulations will apply. During the expected two-year
transition period, Sailors will be required to maintain a complete
inventory of sea bag items with each reflecting a professional

“We want our Sailors to keep a professional appearance,” Carroll
said. “We don’t want people wearing worn-out uniforms because
they’re waiting for the new ones to hit the shelves.”
Once the working and service uniforms are adopted, Sailors will
receive a uniform maintenance allowance appropriate to support
purchase and wear.

The announcement of the new uniforms, Carroll said, is the
culmination of a three-year project that began with the charter of
Task Force Uniform to deliver a proposal to reflect the
requirements of a 21st century Navy. An analysis of a fleet-wide survey
conducted during the summer of 2003 led to the creation of
concepts for working and service uniforms for a wear test and another
fleet-wide survey last summer.

“I just can’t say enough about how meticulous and thorough TFU
Director Master Chief Rob Carroll and his team approached their
work,” stressed Mullen. “The process they established and
maintained was rock solid -- measured and analytical. They looked at
hundreds of options, studied countless pattern and color designs,
and fretted over every minor detail, from button style to
stitching. I am enormously proud of their effort, and every Sailor can
be, too.”

The work of TFU will not stop. Next on the agenda is to evaluate
additional uniform options, such as reviving the traditional
Service Dress Khaki uniform for chiefs and officers, conducting
research on the feasibility, cost and distribution of a
service-wide physical training uniform, consider adoption of a ceremonial
cutlass for chiefs, and investigate adopting a more practical
service-wide, all-weather coat that would provide a better military

“The bottom line for me in making these decisions,” said the
CNO, “is culture. Uniforms reflect our culture -- who we are --
what we stand for. I've said all along that no matter which way we
go, I want Sailors to look like Sailors. I really believe these
uniforms pass that test.”



0530 2 APR 07 local time - NIGERIA


I hope you are breaking this story, as you should be the first in the US to recive accurate information regarding the incident.

The area in which Chevron's fields are located in this area is just a few miles off the beach near the mouth of the Escravos River. Chevron has a base camp and processiig facility at Escravos. The vessel seized by the pirates was assailed by approximately a dozen boats, some dugout type fishing craft, others speedboats, and the pirates were well armed. They attempted to take the boat upriver with the material barge in tow but went aground at the mouth of the river. Fortunately they only roughed up the crew and did not take them captive and hold them for ransom. Obviously the grounding prevented that option. They stole all they could carry off, even making a return trip for more booty, but the tug captain was able to alert Chevron authorities on another radio once they'd left the barge in the first instance. It was hours before the pitifully ineaduaquate security force provided by Chevron arrived on the scene. The boat is presently immovable, the towing cable being wound in one of the ship's screws, and the swells are presently causing the towed barge to bump against the tug. Divers will have to clear the prop before the tug can be moved. Indications are it was an inside job. Cell phones are now prevelant in the 3rd world, and information of the ship's vulnerability must have been passed to the pirates in that the boat caried no security force aboard.

More to follow.

Your humble reporter,

John Edwin Roberts
World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine


0030 2 APR 07 local time - NIGERIA

Just awakened, vessel getting underway to close on lay barge Cheyenne. Tug boat Gulf Fleet has been siezed by militants in same general area. Tug had just delivered a deck onboard a materhal barge which she was towing that was set on a platform a couple of days ago. Our security onboard (of somewhat dubious value) is alerted and we have gone to darken ship to give better night vision to them. I have instructed them to shoot to kill if militants approach this vessel. I will advise as events unfold.

John Edwin Roberts
World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine


John Edwin Roberts
April 14, 2004
Pensacola, Florida

Dear Sir:


It has now become perfectly obvious to all but the most blind of observers, that though the Bush Administration had an excellent plan for the defeat of the Iraqi Army and the toppling of Saddam Hussein, they had little or none for the occupation and administration of the country afterward. General Jay Garner was not long at his post as administrator before he was ordered relieved by Paul Bremer. Whether
Garner made significant mistakes, or just fell afoul of the Bush Administration, I don't know. One thing I do know, however, is that he did not make the catastrophic mistake that his successor has, a mistake that has led to utter chaos in Iraq and a situation bordering on civil war.

In ancient times a defeated army was dealt with in one of two ways, they were either put to the sword or led away in chains. In more recent times, only those
unfortunate armies surrendered to the Russians in WWII suffered a similar fate. As generals became more enlightened and capable, their defeated foes were often welcomed as comrades in arms for future campaigns. This became the policy of both Alexander and Caesar, two of the most successful generals in history. In more recent times, defeated armies were retained in camp, and even under arms in certain situations, until conditions in their conquered territory was satisfactory to allow for their return to civilian life. The free world allies in WWII retained the vast majority of their German and Japanese prisoners in military formations for a
considerable time after the conclusion of hostilities. The only successful instance I know of a defeated army that was released in their home country prior to the
establishment of military and administrative authority was the Southern armies at the conclusion of the War Between The States. Armies are, after all, not of
themselves evil. They may be led by evil men, and directed to perform evil tasks, but in the main, armies are composed of young men performing the tasks required of a soldier. Kept in place, a conquered army can become a very useful tool. For one thing, disarmed and in place they are capable of little mischief. Under close supervision and direction they can be set to useful tasks, with the bad apples in their ranks being identified and weeded out as necessary. Turned loose, with little skills other than those of the soldier, they soon join the ranks of the unemployed and a society in disarray. "An idle mind", they say, "is the Devil's workshop.", and none, I believe, will argue with this old saw. Many of these summarily discharged soldiers were shortly turned to evil purpose by the persuasions and cash payments of the
henchmen of Saddam Hussein yet on the loose, or fell in with the warlords who mask their evil ambitions under the guise of religion.

It is now a bit late to reverse course and recall the Iraqi army, that would be too much loss of face for the administration, and too much fodder for the Presidential aspirations of John Kerry. The US must now either bite the bullet and fight and destroy the forces that oppose them, or take the course of the cowardly Clinton, who, after the debacle in Somalia, declared victory and withdrew his army in humiliation and disgrace.

John Edwin Roberts
World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine


John Edwin Roberts
February 17, 2004
Pensacola, Florida

Dear Sir:

The response of the Lexington Police and Fire Department to the 911 'shooting and wounding' call at Adams Lane on Friday the 13th, was incompetent to the point of being criminally so. Not the individual officers that responded, including the unfortunate ones shot, but the persons in those departments responsible for Operations. When the rescue unit arrived, and the two paramedics proceeded to render aid to the victim, why weren't the Lexington Police there as well with guns drawn? This is the procedure in any competent law enforcement organization when confronted with a domestic violence shooting incident. I suppose they were busy eating donuts and plotting their next drunk driving entrapment. Shortly thereafter, hundreds of law enforcement personnel did begin converge upon the area, cordoning off all access and closing the adjacent Interstate as well. Poor Fontaine Hutchinson, and one of the paramedics remained lying in the yard, both apparently dead, though no one could say for sure. You should never assume anything in this sort of situation, as any competent Battlefield Surgeon will tell you. soldiers have lain on the battlefield for days after being wounded, and though thought dead, been found to be alive when assistance was able to reach them. The police should have immediately driven an armored vehicle into the yard, shielding the shooting victims in the process, and removed them. If no vehicle had been available they should have ringed the house with sharpshooters, fired in tear gas, and then if the lunatic didn't immediately surrender, storm the house with the SWAT team and take him out with stun grenades and live fire. What should they give a damn about a shooting suspect when his victims might be yet alive, especially so when he was impeding assistance to the victims? On top of it all he'd just murdered a fellow officer! Not this bunch of bumblers, they then proceed with attempts to get the lunatic to come out of the house and surrender. Nearly six hours transpire in useless conversation before they finally fire tear gas into the house and smoke him out. Any chance that either of the victims might have been saved is by then obviously long gone. At one time the Lexington Police Department had brave, competent and resourceful Officers, obviously no more!

Now this murdering lunatic will spend the remainder of his life in the insane asylum, all at taxpayer's expense, of course, and the families of the unfortunate victims will have to console themselves with police insistence that they were both killed immediately when shot, and that nothing could have saved their lives. Well of course you can believe the police, they never lie. ....Yeah, right!

Thoroughly disgusted,

John Edwin Roberts
World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine


John Edwin Roberts
February 14, 2004
Lexington, Kentucky




Martha Stewart, a successful, intelligent, entrepreneurial lady, has had her name dragged through the mud, and her well deserved reputation trashed, for a crime she didn't commit. The US Government is now conducting a kangaroo court, in a monumental attempt to put her behind bars, and all for the glorification of the (so-called) Justice Department and a group of slick and slimy prosecuting attorneys assigned to the case. The media has aided and abetted this outrage to the fullest by keeping her name and picture in the forefront of news and portraying her as a criminal. "The truth", they say, "shall set you free.", but it obviously doesn't sell newspapers, so don't go looking for it there. The real criminal in this case has never even been mentioned, nor even hinted at in fact. He remains unnamed and unindicted, and from the looks of things, will go scot-free, while others suffer underserved consequences for his crime. The story goes like this, and pay particular attention, because you've never gotten it in true format from either the media or the government. I'm also going to lay it out for you right here, without all the legal gobbledygook and extraneous and unnecessary details. Sam Waksal had a company called ImClone. It was a drug company, and as such, it developed, well drugs of course. One such product was a cancer fighting agent which had been submitted to the FDA for approval, a sometimes long and laborious process. The FDA at some point decided it was ineffective. (A decision that has since been reversed, a typical government action.) That information, supposed to be of utmost secrecy until released to the general public, was leaked to Sam Waksal prior to this public release by someone within the FDA. Who leaked it to Waksal we don't know, but he's the crook that betrayed the public trust and the man that should be serving ten to twenty years in the slammer, not Martha Stewart. Now it gets tricky, the information Waksal had is known as 'inside information' for obvious reasons, and if you have it, you are required by law to keep it secret and not to profit by it. Waksal doesn't keep it under his hat and tips family members to unload the stock. Now get this, Sam Waksal doesn't tell Martha Stewart, he doesn't tell stockbroker Peter Bacanovic either, he only tips his family, but Bacanovic gets wind of it by virtue of noticing that Waksal's family is unloading the stock, and he puts two and two together. After all, this is his job, he's a stockbroker, he's supposed to have a feel for the market, as well as a responsibility to his clients to advise them effectively on their stock transactions.

Well it looks to Bacanovic like something has gone wrong at ImClone if Waksal's family is unloading their stock and that it may soon drop in value, perhaps drastically. Now Martha Stewart is his main client as well as a friend, he makes vast amounts of money as commission off her stock transactions, and he retains this 'bread and butter' client because he gives her good advice. He therefore orders his subordinate, Douglas Faneuil, to inform Martha that he expects ImClone to drop in value and advise her to sell her stock before she has incurred a loss.

Now Martha didn't get to where she is in life by being dumb, and so she immediately instructs Faneuil to unload her holdings in ImClone. Well it isn't very many days later that it becomes obvious that all this ImClone stock had been most suspiciously sold right before the stock dropped to nearly nothing in value. It obviously doesn't take too much perception to realize that the Waksal family members that unloaded
their holdings must have gotten that information from Sam. Well Sam soon fesses up, and right now he's serving seven years in a federal prison for his crime, but he doesn't implicate Martha Stewart or Peter Bacanovic, despite government entreaties that he do so. Waskal doesn't implicate them because he told them nothing, and even though the government offers him leniency in return for this implication, he refuses. Well by now Stewart and Bacanovic realize they're in
trouble, not because they've actually done anything wrong, but because it looks bad, and much of Stewart's fortune as well as Bacanovic's reputation is built on public trust. At this point they cook up this cockamamie story about an agreement to sell the stock once it dropped below a certain value, and they so inform FBI agents assigned to the case. Of course Stewart realizes now this was a very serious mistake. It used to be that you could lie to anyone in this country you wanted to, so long as you weren't under oath. It might not have been the proper thing to do, but you couldn't go to jail for it. Well that's all changed, our all knowing Congress has passed a law making anything you say to a known FBI agent the same as it were testimony under oath. (Of course the FBI itself isn't held to these high standards, and regularly lies with impunity to the American Public, the Congress, and whomever. Otherwise the criminals responsible for the murders at Ruby Ridge and the immolation of the children at Waco would be in jail.) Martha would have been far better off using the Clinton Defense of "I don't remember." She'd also have been better off if she'd read Hunter S. Thompson in her spare time, who says, "Never believe the first thing an FBI agent tells you about anything - especially, not if he seems to believe you are guilty of a crime." In the meantime the government has gotten to Bacanovic's assistant, Douglas Faneuil, and forced him to recant his previous testimony. In fact, they've got his so scared he's willing to say anything they want him to in order to convict Stewart and Bacanovic. If the jury is willing to accept this testimony by a notorious liar, perjurer, and doper, I suppose poor
Martha and Bacanovic are soon off to the penintenary.


John Edwin Roberts
World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine


John Edwin Roberts
January 2, 2004
Lexington, Kentucky


We are all well aware of the interruption in international air traffic in recent days. Flights from France and Britain have been canceled or delayed, and
one flight, at least, was escorted into US airspace by armed fighter jets ready to blast it out of the sky should it attempt to travel any path other than it's approved flight plan. The plane was then held on the ground for nearly three hours before passengers were allowed to deplane. The explanation given was that several passengers on the flight had similar names to terrorists on the FBI's International Watch List. After questioning, all passengers were released, all apparently having been properly identified and found to be harmless travelers. Now we learn that the French Government has made complaint that faulty intelligence is involved in the cancellation of at least one flight. On this flight a child was one of the suspects, his name having triggered suspicions. The FBI is apparently unaware that the names Mustafa, Abdul, and Mohamed are as frequent in the Middle East as are Tom, Dick and Harry in the US. The other suspected passengers were completely innocent as well. (I wonder if all suspected passengers were checked to see if they were carrying Almanacs?) Of course it staggers the imagination to think that any terrorist on an International Watch List would travel into the US using his own name and passport. That would have made about as much sense as John Dillinger checking into the Palmer House in Chicago on July 22, 1934, and registering under his own name. For those of you unaware of History, this was the day he was apprehended and killed by the FBI while leaving a movie theater there. Apparently this hasn't occurred to the FBI. I am beginning to suspicion that the FBI is relying upon the same computer system that is used to determine the National Champion in college football, the BCS computer system. We are all well aware that USC just nailed down the Championship yesterday in the Rose Bowl by destroying Michigan, and yet according to the BCS computers, the National Championship will be determined in New Orleans in a wholly meaningless game several days hence. I wonder how the computer system matches up names. Ah, I think I have it! The names of the terrorists on the FBI's International Watch List are known, they are then entered into the computer's data system. Then a program is written to match names of passengers on all international flights into the US against this same list and to note suspicious similarities. Now let's see, let's just say that six of the names on the International Watch List are as follows: Howdy Doody,
Tinker Bell, Captain Hook, Long John Silver, Black Bart and Dr. Fu Manchu. An Air France flight from Paris to LA lists on it's passenger manifest the
following names: Howard Dooley, Tinkem Beale, Captain Hooker, L.J. Silvers, Bartley Black and Dr. Fulham Manchester. The computer immediately seizes upon the obvious similarities of the names and this information is rushed to the desk of the FBI's Terrorism Duty Officer, who immediately passes the information directly to FBI Director, J. Edgar Ashcroft. The vast might and bureaucracy of the Federal Government then grinds slowly into motion, soon developing the momentum of a Juggernaut, which can be neither delayed nor deterred in it's self righteous course of action. The consequence of this monumental waste of government time and money, is the offending flight is delayed or canceled, and the plans and business dealings of hundreds, perhaps thousands, 'gang aft agley'. The aforementioned Howard Dooley, Tinkem Beale, Captain Hooker, L.J. Silvers, and Doctor Fulham Manchester, innocent victims of a computer mismatch, are free to continue there travels unmolested. Well unmolested until perhaps the next time the computer matches their name against the FBI's international Watch List and then it's, "Deja Vu all over again." Quite frankly, I would rather my security be dependant upon the police force of Mayberry, North Carolina, than the FBI, known, by the way, in some knowledgeable quarters, as Fumbling Bumbling Idiots!

John Edwin Roberts
World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine


John Edwin Roberts
January 1, 2004
Lexington, Kentucky

So what's th' big deal?

The overwhelming fear in America today isn't Terrorism, it's Mad Cow Disease! It seems that if you ingest beef from a Mad Cow an insidious protein invades your body, eventually settling in your brain where it multiplies and turns it to sponge.

Hell, 90% of Americans might as well have sponge for brain for what little use they get out of it, so what difference does it make if it's already sponge or eventually will be? (Perhaps with Mad Cow more people may vote for Howard Dean? That could be of great concern to Republicans. J. Edgar Ashcroft better look into the possibility of just such a conspiracy!) The important thing is the price of beef is going down and now I have changed my mind about the menu and will have steak for dinner tonight instead of pork chops!

John Edwin Roberts
World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine


John Edwin Roberts
November 18, 2003
Somewhere in Tennessee


I was driving through Dixieland last night, frantically surfing the radio dial for something I could possibly stand listening to, but with very little success. Finally I got a bit North of Birmingham and Nashville's WSM, the finest Station in the South, came into range. A short while later I learned that Don Gibson, a true great in the music industry, had passed away that afternoon in Nashville at the age of seventy-five. It was sad news, but as the station played some of his classics in tribute, a warm glow began to envelop me. Gibson wasn't like one of the pretty boys stars of today who prance around in
front of a rock band mumbling the insipid drivel that is foisted off on the public as country music. No indeed, Gibson, a North Carolina native who had broken out in the music business around Knoxville nearly fifty years ago, was the Real McCoy. He was an accomplished guitarist, a very good singer, and a
magnificent song writer; in short he could do it all, and did! A member of the Grand Ole Opry for forty years, the Songwriter's Hall of Fame, the Country
Music Hall of Fame, and with a long list of awards, tributes and recognitions far too numerous to mention, he was indeed a giant in Country Music. His music also had broad spectrum appeal, not only did he top the Country charts on many occasions but his music played well on the Pop charts as well. Many of his songs, with their plaintive sound and message of heartbreak, were covered by R&B artists. His music can still be heard today being played in the heart of the Cajun Country of Louisiana. No one that grew up in this country during the late 50's and 60's, when Don Gibson hit full stride, could help but be moved by the likes of OH LONESOME ME, SEA OF HEARTBREAK, JUST ONE TIME, and I CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU. His music, like that of other American greats, will live forever. Farewell Don Gibson, thank you, and God bless you.

John Edwin Roberts
World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine


John Edwin Roberts
November 6, 2003

New Orleans, LA


The enemy now faced in Iraq is without doubt the most uncivilized foe our country has encountered throughout our history. They are not an army, represent no nation, country, tribe, nor civilization, and they are totally barbaric and vicious in their methods of warfare. They are loosely affiliated groups of terrorists and assassins only, and as such are nothing but outlaws and outcasts of civilization. They are protected by no international law, treaty or convention of war, and US troops are not required to deal with them as enemy combatants. When encountered in hostile situations they should be struck and eliminated from the ranks of the living in the most efficient manner possible. They have no international rights to protect them from whatever may happen to them should they fall live into our hands, though we as Americans can be expected to behave in a civilized manner regardless. This, however, does not mean that we should behave as fools, consequently exposing our troops to unnecessary death and destruction because of some lamely conceived notions about the delicacy of methods of interrogation which must be used to obtain critical information from a prisoner.

The Army has recently filed a criminal assault charge against an American officer who coerced an Iraqi suspect into providing information that foiled a planned attack on U.S. soldiers. The interrogation technique utilized caused no physical harm, but was quite effective in frightening the prisoner into revealing a deadly plot against US troops as well as the name of his co-conspirators. A proper report of the entire incident was made by the officer in charge to his superiors as required by regulations and, quite properly, he considered the matter closed. Not so however, some group of army inspectors arrived at a later date to conduct some sort of review of the command. In the process the report of the incident was discovered and subsequently, criminal assault charges have been brought against the officer involved. He now stands to appear before a court martial board, and if found guilty, may expect punishment up to and including dishonorable discharge and imprisonment.

This is an absolute outrage! A competent and conscientious officer may forfeit his career, his reputation and his future because some chair bound weasel in the Pentagon has decided to court martial him. I suggest a congressional investigation be convened to look into the entire matter, not only into the incident itself but into the circumstances surrounding the preferring of the actual charge. I also suggest the inquiry look into the officer or officers in the Pentagon that are responsible for preferring this charge, both as to their reasons for doing so, as well as to their own competence as combat soldiers. I suspect you will find no combat records of any merit whatsoever, only desk bound generals with monumental egos to balance their complete lack of operational ability. If court martial charges are to be brought against anyone I suggest the Pentagon officers responsible for preferred the charge be tried for criminal incompetence. As well as the damage to the officer charged, if these charges are maintained, damage to the army itself will become monumental. Troop morale, already low, in spite of government assertions to the contrary, will plummet even further. If an officer doing his job in pressing the war against the enemy is ruined for doing his duty, can any reasonable soldier be expected to see any point in subjecting himself to possible court martial and ruin? Our troops will begin to avoid the enemy rather than seek him out, in hope of seeing their tour in that Hellhole come to an end so they can return safely to their home. The parallels to Vietnam are becoming uncanny!


John Edwin Roberts
World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine


John Edwin Roberts
October 31, 2003

New Orleans, LA


As is most often the case, the mainstream news organizations almost immediately deliver the most spectacular and sensational news. Quite often this story raises questions that a perceptive person would like followed up and answered. Most often, however, the story is completely forgotten after the initial reporting, and mention is never made of it again. A case in point is the death of the highest-ranking Army officer killed by hostile fire in Iraq, Lt. Col. Kim S. Orlando of the 101st Airborne Division. Another US soldier was also killed in the incident and others wounded, as well as several bodyguards of a Muslim cleric also killed and wounded. It seems the Lt. Col. and his men were acting in the capacity of military police and were attempting to calm the group of the cleric's bodyguards who were handling the weapons they
were carrying in a most hostile manner. They did not attempt to disarm them, just to convince them to bring their arms to the port arms position rather than pointing them in a threatening and hostile manner.

The Lt. Col. was trying to persuade a particularly obnoxious bodyguard who was brandishing his pistol in an extremely hazardous manner to put it away. The situation grew tense, and, as stated in the official report, "..a female soldier fired a warning shot." Once that occurred all Hell broke loose with the death and destruction already described a result of the melee. Any competent soldier will tell you that once bullets start to fly a situation can very rapidly get out of hand, as obviously happened here. Therefore, one primary lesson of combat troops and military police is 'fire discipline'.

What I want to know is was the soldier that fired the initial shot instructed to do so or was it entirely of her own volition? It could well have been justified, but again it could have been an incompetent or foolish act leading to the multiple deaths and injuries. Is the army's Inspector General looking into the matter, and when will the result of his inquiry be put forth to the public? The fact that the soldier in question was a female also raises other questions, questions as to the competence of females for front line positions. Most thoroughly competent military men feel they are not, but of course reason is often overturned by the laws and edicts issued by the US Congress. You may be assured that San Diego Beachlife Magazine is trying to find the answers to these questions, and when we do we will immediately release them to our readers.

John Edwin Roberts
World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine


John Edwin Roberts
October 30, 2003

New Orleans, LA

The Poor Sap!

Poor Nathaniel Heatwole, he's the poor sap that smuggled the box cutters and modeling clay onto the airliners to prove that present security was completely inadequate, in spite of declarations and pronouncements from the government entirely to the contrary. Well he proved his point, proved his point beyond a shadow of a doubt in fact, and now the poor boy's in the most terrible trouble imaginable!

Technically he has committed a crime, a federal crime, but far, far worse, he has committed an unpardonable offense against high and mighty officials in Washington, one for which he will never be forgiven and for which he will pay dearly. He has embarrassed and humiliated not only the Transportation Safety Administration and it's officials, but in the process, the Homeland Security Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation as well. The latter organization is the one that will cause him the most grief.

It is a cardinal rule at the FBI to hide all mistakes from public view, which they have done recently with respect to the Ruby Ridge incident, the massacre of the innocents at Waco, and the so called 9-11 scandal. 'Lie and Deny' is the order of the day at the FBI when it comes to mistakes and crimes committed by it's employees and officials. Nothing much has changed there, in fact, since the days of the infamous J. Edgar Hoover. Now Heatwole has again exposed the FBI's false claims to the public view, and he will be charged with every crime they can cook up in punishing him. The fact that his purpose, however misguided, was in promoting the public good, and he had no intention of using his so-called weapons in any hostile manner hatsoever, will in no way diminish the charges against him. The Director of the FBI has been embarrassed, and J. Edgar Ashcroft is not the man to take this lying down! No, by god, J. Edgar Ashcroft is going to get even, and if he's able to arrange for the accused to be tired before one of his stooges, rather than a fair and even minded judge, I see nothing less than twenty-years in the federal penitentiary for poor Heatwole.

John Edwin Roberts
World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine


John Edwin Roberts
October 27, 2003
New Orleans, LA


As a reporter myself, I understand that to be in the forefront of your chosen profession you must go to the location where news is being made. Many times this places you in the very path of great and imminent danger but any reporter worth his salt will be there regardless. I was therefore very gratified to see on the news last night that Great Icon, that National Institution, that Magnificent Man, none other than 'Gunga Dan' Rather himself right there in San Diego and facing the worst fires in all of California history. He had strategically placed himself right there by San Diego Harbor, no doubt assisting the bucket brigade in their efforts to quench the fires, and in the background you could plainly see the smoke rolling off the hills to the East of the city. Unfortunately I am unable to be there myself, but were I, why you would find me right there by my fellow reporter's side, ably reporting the news in the very teeth of imminent danger. Yes, it's very dangerous
there by the dock in San Diego Harbor, at least twenty miles from any active fires, and close to the very finest restaurants, hotels and bars. I'm surprised the son-of-a-b@#$* didn't don firefighter's apparel to make him appear even more credible, just as he once posed in fighter's garb in Pakistan with a rag tied round his head, pretending all the while to be at the front line in Afghanistan! Yeah, that Gunga Dan's a real piece of work ain't he? In actuality, being a Staff Reporter for San Diego Beachlife Magazine, had I, or another fine reporter such as Charles De Tomasi of the International Bureau, been in the area you could have found us perched atop Frank Tom's observation deck overlooking Harbison Canyon and right in the midst of the firey inferno that is East San Diego County. I am sure my fearless Boss, Editor Marshall, can be found in a position of similiar access to the actual fires as we speak. Therefore, if you look for real news, don't bother to tune in the evening gabble from such as Gunga Dan, or the other two nightly nitwits, but go right straight to a real news source!

John Edwin Roberts
World Correspondent at Large
San Diego Beachlife Magazine

John E. Roberts
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