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Johnny "Ace" Acord

Here is something I wrote about "Johnny Ace" back in June of 2001. He was playing in a Cajun/Zydaco band and amazed me with his musicianship and skill.


"The Guitar Player for this Zydaco band was really great, playing a combination of rhythm and lead he was very, very solid... I've heard of lot of really great guitarist - some of the worlds best, yet this guy (who for some reason remains unknown and fameless) really impressed the heck out of me!"


A couple of years later I was attending the memorial service for Darryl DeLoach the lead singer for and founder of "IRON BUTTERFLY". Darryl had been my neighbor a few years back and as it turns out had been in a band with "Johnny Ace". Fate crossed our paths again.

Since that time Johnny and I have kept in touch by email and phone collaborating on a couple of art projects and me giving Johnny my opinion of his new songs.

We had talked about shooting some photos for his new album, but then I took off for Transylvania and Northern Romania and once again Johnny and I lost contact.

In early February, 2008 Johnny tracked me down and sent me links to some of his new work. Johnny's work has broken through to a much higher level. It was as if he had thrown himself against a door that would not open until finally it did, and then taking advantage of the momentum of this barrier falling he has run headlong to new heights. I must admit that after listening to music in the USA and in such far off places as the "Bars of the Philipines", Cairo, Egypt, Central America, Mexico and Canada my tastes had become jaded to the point that almost nothing musically pleased me. The new offerings by "Johnny Ace" have changed all that. It's like listening to music for the first time.




Below are a few links to "Johnny Ace" Music
Please Listen to it for "Your First Time"




Little Angel

Johnny Ace on "MySpace"

Johnny Ace on "YouTube"




Made it Home


Keith Song



Johnny "Ace" Acord
Johnny Ace
Johnny Acord




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