P.L. "Moki" Martin


email:   sprfrog@aol.com



Started drawing and painting in 1987 after a twenty-three year naval career as an Underwater Demolition Team and Navy SEAL Team Officer. In 1991, he was graduated, cum laude, from San Diego State University with a BA degree in Applied Arts and Science. Moki has won art awards locally and nationally, including several 1st places in the National Veterans' Art Festivals. His works have been exhibited throughout the nation's capitol and are in the collections of numerous institutions and private individuals throughout the country.

Moki is highly influenced by the Impressionists, the pop art realism movement of the 1960's and the post-modernist figurative works of today. His works are realistically abstract and deal with experiences of this life. Using both super-real and loose, gestural images, Moki creates an environment that is hauntingly mysterious and yet vaguely familiar, but, always invoking thought.

"Art, for me, is a challenging and problem-solving event, followed by a satisfying release and a desire to do more."

acrylics - drawings - oils - photography - watercolors


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